Elite Energy Consultants

Currently representing EnergySys in APAC, Canada and South America, EnergySys Platinum Reseller, Elite Energy Consultants provide industry-leading professional services. Their expert, hand-picked teams help oil and gas operators achieve Production Excellence for their assets, leading to safe, optimum, sustainable production.

Having worked with some of the world’s leading energy companies, Elite Energy Consultants can fully support you via a range of flexible resourcing models.

Marrying proven business processes with the capabilities of the EnergySys Cloud Platform, Elite has configured their own template application for production management. The Production Management Framework (ePMF) is a leading and comprehensive solution for all your production data management needs.

Elite on AWS Marketplace

During the oil price downturn of 2016, Todd Energy expected a potential asset decline of around 30%. Using the ePMF built by Elite Energy Consultants on the EnergySys Cloud Platform, they were able to predict loss, unlock production potential of existing operating assets and reduce locked in potential.

With the help of EnergySys and Elite, Todd have been able to build a bespoke data management framework to predict loss and maximise potential year on year. You can watch the webinar and see exactly how they did this here.

Customers they've worked with:

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Areas of expertise:

  • Production Data Management
  • Production Allocation
  • Production Optimisation
  • Forecasting
  • EnergySys Implementations
  • Nominations
  • Pipelines
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tracking


Elite is a Reseller Partner and can sell both services and software. This means you can invoice everything under one contract. With this type of partner, you will receive both first and second-line support from them as part of your contract. EnergySys will supply third-line support for the platform. 

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