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Add to your revenue stream by becoming an EnergySys partner and creating your own applications on our leading low code platform. Meet your customers' unique data management needs better than ever before.

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What is the EnergySys Cloud Platform?

EnergySys is a revolution in the software marketplace. As a leading cloud-native platform, it is transforming the way technical business people consume software. Our unique low code model is designed to allow non-IT people to easily create their own applications without the need for specialist skills.

Where it differs to other low code platforms is its ability to handle complex calculations. This makes it the ideal choice for specialist technical consultancies looking to create knowledge-based data management solutions for their client base quickly and cost effectively.

With its agility, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness, EnergySys is the perfect tool to help grow your business.

What does an EnergySys partner do?

An EnergySys partner is one of the most critical components of the EnergySys revolution. They deliver the expert guidance, best-practice and insights our customers value so much. By using our low-code platform, they can now deliver that knowledge in the form of technical business applications that exactly meet their clients’ needs.

As a technology provider we are laser-focused on making our software great; constantly improving our platform to keep up with changing demand. That is our role, as we do not offer implementation or Professional Services. That's where our Partners come in. They provide the implementation services to configure applications for their clients and they can do this without specialist coding skills.

There are two types of EnergySys partner;


  • Implementor - our implementation partners provide professional services focused on designing and configuring applications that meet their clients' specific needs. These applications reflect their specialist sector expertise, and can provide a completely new stream of service income.


  • Reseller - our Resellers are licensed to sell EnergySys subscriptions directly to their customers as well as offering implementation services. They might supplement these revenue streams by creating and licensing template applications to address common business challenges. This is a popular option for partners looking to generate recurring revenue.
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Why should I become a partner?

  • Add revenue to your business through implementing client-specific technical software applications.


  • Generate recurring revenue by creating and licensing template applications.


  • Further supplement revenue streams with ongoing customer application support.

What help do I get?

  • In addition to the opportunities you generate, you will have access to new business opportunities via the EnergySys sales pipeline.


  • You will be fully supported during every step of our partnership, with access to our Enablement team for insights, tips and advice. This team provides as much guidance and support as you need, for free.


  • The EnergySys Marketing team will actively engage with you to help promote your new business line, and assist in responding to tenders.


  • You will have access to your own EnergySys demo instance to support your go-to-market strategy.
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What does becoming a partner cost?

It costs nothing to become an EnergySys partner beyond an investment in training. Upon completing our five day configuration training course, you will be fully certified to configure applications on EnergySys. It really is that quick and simple!


Who's using it?

We have a wide variety of partners using the platform to support their business growth. From super consultancies like Infosys and WIPRO, to boutique organisations like Elite Energy Consultants and Accord Energy Solutions. It works for companies of all shapes and sizes ready to embrace the new world.

A great example is Elite Energy Consultants, who have developed a GHG emissions tracking application on our platform. Designed as a standalone or 'add-on' to an existing EnergySys subscription, this has created additional business for Elite within their existing customer base as well as further afield.

The opportunities with EnergySys are endless and completely controlled by your own investment in time and effort. We work to champion partners' individual strengths and utilise these for the benefit of our users as well as their own companies.

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Let's get started

Becoming an EnergySys partner is as straightforward as our software. We start the process with a discovery call to ensure we can support you with your business goals.

From there, we discuss partner options and contracts. Once we have a partner agreement in place, our highly recommended Enablement team will be in touch to organise your training.

Once you've completed this training, you are certified in configuring applications on the EnergySys Cloud Platform! However, we don't just leave you to fend for yourself here. You will work with the Enablement team to build a template application. Then, the EnergySys Marketing team will support you in creating and maintaining a go-to-market strategy and building a healthy pipeline.

Why not drop us a line in the form and take the discovery call? You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.


What our partners have achieved
Oil-pump (1)
Green pipeline

Revolutionising Hydrocarbon Production Management

Allocation Management for North Sea Gas Pipeline

New Zealand Offshore and Onshore Assets

The recent acquisition of assets from Petrobras by 3R presented an opportunity to streamline their production management procedures. Elite implemented EnergySys as the Hydrocarbon Accounting and Production Data Management system.

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In 2021 our partner, Accord Energy Solutions, migrated the application onto the standard cloud EnergySys architecture to deliver the STAR system. STAR integrates directly with Accord’s CHARM online process model at the heart of the allocation.

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Elite's recommendation to implement ePMF was accepted by Todd and implemented for the two assets in under a year. Todd have reduced risk to their business, improved safety and maximised production with timely opportunities that add value.

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EnergySys partner case study

As Elite Energy Consultants (Elite Energy) implemented customised hydrocarbon accounting (HCA) and production management solutions for oil and gas operators, they encountered costly upgrades and a need for specialised skills. To overcome these challenges, Elite Energy partnered with EnergySys to utilise the EnergySys Cloud Platform, a 100% cloud-native solution for hydrocarbon management.

By building its Production Management Framework (ePMF) on the EnergySys Cloud Platform, Elite Energy increased customer agility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. The ePMF includes production forecasting, allocation, loss management, and opportunity management, providing data-driven insights and informed business decisions for oil and gas operators.

In 2016, Elite Energy became a Platinum Reseller Partner of EnergySys, joining a network of specialised technology firms. This partnership ensures expedited processes, best practices, and valuable insights for customers. Since then, Elite Energy has grown by 60% and expanded into five countries, significantly benefiting both companies.

The partnership has reduced Elite Energy's reliance on highly skilled programmers and allowed them to deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions. The EnergySys Cloud Platform's agility and flexibility enable oil and gas companies to navigate industry changes, mergers, and transitions to renewable energy seamlessly. This collaboration highlights the transformative potential of innovative technology partnerships in driving success and sustainability in the energy sector.