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Our product is not the only thing that's revolutionary. Our team is the key to everything that makes EnergySys so successful. Ready for your next challenge?

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Front-End Web Developer (React)

Software Development Team Lead

We are looking for an experienced User Interface developer to join our product development team. The role is focussed on the development of the Web User Interfaces for the company’s portfolio of cloud services.

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We need an experienced and dynamic Development Team Lead to ensure our continued market leadership, managing the team to deliver incremental improvements, ground-breaking innovations and the product roadmap.

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We like to challenge convention.

Over 10 years ago, after realising the benefits of cloud technology for oil and gas software, we made the decision to  practice what we preach and moved to a remote-working environmentNo more physical office. No more commuting. No more open plan workingJust the efficiency and economy of working from the comfort of your own home.  

Why is this relevant? Well, because we’re not constrained by location, we can hire exclusively based on skill set, experience and best fit. As such, we’ve built an exceptional team with decades of experience in software development, production accounting, and oil and gas. 

Our people are bright, fun, skilled and driven. But above all, honest. We’re proud to have created a work environment where people can collaborate, develop and grow together. Making our team feel valued is one of our highest priorities and, as such, we have an incredible staff retention rate. 

Do you think you have what it takes to join our family? Take a look at our current vacancies or send a CV and covering letter to 






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Life-long learning

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A different way

In 2000, when we formed the company, we didn’t have a grand plan, or a big vision. We just knew we wanted to do things differently.