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I have a tight deadline; can you guarantee a fast implementation process? 

Upgrades and implementations are often found to sneak up and completely incapacitate your working environment for an extended period 

Because EnergySys is cloud-native, our implementations are typically 75% faster than traditional solutions and far less complicated. In fact, one of our clients with over 10,000 wells and 14,000 facilities migrated from Energy Components to go live on the EnergySys Cloud Platform in just 4 months, using a team of 2 with basic support from us. 

What makes this system better than the one I already have? 

There are many reasons why you might consider investing in a new HCA system. We find most people who use traditional systems like Energy Components or in-house bespoke solutions must spend over and above for upgrades, basic changes and even something as simple as adding an asset. This is simply unsustainable if you want to remain competitive in the fast-moving oil and gas industry. 

Check out the features of our platform to see why EnergySys is better.

Can EnergySys handle large or multiple assets? 

Simply, yes. EnergySys is 100% configurable, so no matter what asset you have – onshore, offshore, LNG, refineries, pipelines – or your requirements, the EnergySys Cloud Platform can be configured to support it. Most of our users, after 1 weeks training, find they can configure the system themselves.   

How can I manipulate my data to fit regulatory requirements? 

We were intent on creating a secure way for you to access and report on your information, which is why EnergySys is built on open data standardsThis way, you're not forced to use any specific reporting product. Our built-in process reports offer you the chance to create great output quickly and efficiently. This all means more flexibility, more effective data sharing, and more choice. 

Is digitalisation the way forward for the industry? 

With major shifts in the industry, it's now crucial to remain competitive. The EnergySys Cloud Platform focuses on automation, flexibility and security. This way, daily processes are sped up and improved, and slow implementations and data management are a thing of the past.

Will upgrades be expensive and disruptive? 

Cloud-native means you don’t have to buy hardware or infrastructure. Our platform is configurable, so you don’t need specialists to manage or change the system. Disaster recovery is taken care of and our security is next level – we host on AWS who have more security personnel than the whole of the oil and gas industry combined.  

EnergySys sounds great, but HCA just isn’t a priority.

It should be. Good hydrocarbon accounting is the lifeblood of a successful oil and gas business. Not only can delays caused by traditional HCA systems result in significant financial loss, but they can slow down business processes in an industry that is too fast-paced for organisations to fall behind.

We get reports from many different locations in different formats.

Because EnergySys is cloud-native, you can access your data securely, wherever you are, whenever you want. This offers major time savings for busy executives needing to make quick decisions. Management and asset teams can produce and deliver reports and data easily and quickly. 

We want to move to the cloud, but don’t know where to begin.

EnergySys is the first 100% cloud-native platform for hydrocarbon management. It's secure, evergreen, and built for multi-tenancy. There’s no need for any installation beyond a browser and you can access it from any device at anytime from anywhere. It’s completely configurable by end users who can incorporate any oil and gas asset, so you have the freedom to deliver the functionality your agile business needs. 

I’m worried about how reliable my data will be.

Our survey, from 2013, on the challenges in HCA revealed over 65% of respondents do not have confidence in their data, and we can conclude there is a major issue with data management in oil and gas. To tackle this, security and simplicity have been two of our key focuses. Creating a simple solution that is secure and that keeps a historical log of all data is crucial, which is exactly what we’ve done. 

Will we be able to drive transformation change? 

One of the largest benefits of a solution based in cloud is the ability for significant transformational change. The way your teams work, alongside how your data is managed and utilised will all be revolutionised with a system that can keep up with your goals. 

Will we need third-party vendors to use the system efficiently? 

In a breath: no. We don’t see the point of creating a system that doesn’t empower you and your team to run things yourselves. The EnergySys Cloud Platform doesn’t require specialist skills or external assistance, and if you ever hit a snag, our own customer service team are well-versed in dealing with issues quickly and efficiently. 

Revolutionary cloud-native software

EnergySys is redefining the energy software market, beginning with Hydrocarbon Accounting (HCA), disrupting the status quo and focusing on the generation of real business value. This is software as it should be: simple, effective, and continually evolving.