Why EnergySys is Better

Efficient and effective hydrocarbon allocation and production reporting can mean the difference between profit and loss, between growth and stagnation. However, there is a chronic lack of focus and consideration given to the tools that can help position your company to take advantage of a dynamic oil and gas market.

Many still opt for traditional hydrocarbon accounting (HCA) systems that are so often associated with expense, inefficiency, long delays and work-arounds. However, an increasing number of companies have learnt how much better HCA can be with the EnergySys Cloud Platform.

We believe the industry deserves better than traditional HCA solutions like Tieto’s Energy Components (EC). Switching to cloud-native, evergreen software, like EnergySys, presents such huge benefits that it’s a wonder there is still demand for traditional systems.



Let’s start with cost. EnergySys is significantly less expensive than traditional HCA systems. It’s difficult to quantify the amount as the delivery models are so different, but our unique pricing structure means there’s no upfront or ongoing hardware or infrastructure costs, everything is covered in a simple subscription based on your asset complexity. Regular upgrades are also included in the subscription, so you never have to worry about long, painful upgrade projects ever again. EnergySys deals with all of this from the back-end, meaning less worry for you!

The money you’ve spent on your legacy HCA solution is a sunk cost, and you’ll never get that back. However, you can definitely avoid throwing good money after bad. For a fraction of your future costs, you could have a system in place that’s tailored to your needs and works seamlessly. It would mean an end to inflexible software that requires work-arounds and spreadsheets used to complete standard business processes.

Check out our recent article ‘Don’t pay for HCA upgrades’ to find out more.



Have you hired full-time HCA consultants because it’s more cost-effective than paying day rates when you need to implement an upgrade or a change? EnergySys manages the entire service, including software provision, hardware maintenance, platform security, data storage and backup, and upgrades. There’s no need to bring in IT specialists because all of this is included in your subscription.

Also, with over 25 years’ experience delivering HCA systems, our unlimited email support (included in the subscription) is considered outstanding and something our users are always quick to praise.


Configuration and Integration

EnergySys is completely configurable, so you can build, extend and manage your instance without specialist skills. Whether you need monthly, daily or hourly allocation, have onshore, offshore or LNG assets, EnergySys can be configured to handle them all. This makes it more flexible and scalable than any other solution available on the market.

The EnergySys Cloud Platform is straightforward to implement, meaning major time and cost savings versus legacy solutions like Energy Components. We recently completed an Energy Components replacement for a large US onshore producer, migrating around 10,000 wells in just six months with a team of two. We also have a growing partner community who have skills and experience in areas like metering, commercial allocation and IT strategy that can really add value to your business.

Once you’re up and running, using EnergySys is designed to be easy to modify. You can extend an existing application or even create entire new applications.


Access anytime, anywhere

Because EnergySys is cloud-native, you can access your data securely, wherever you are, whenever you want. This offers major time savings for busy executives needing to make quick decisions, while management and asset teams are able to produce and deliver reports and data easily and quickly.

EnergySys also integrates with third-party apps like OSI PI and Power BI as standard, to enable secure sharing of data and to maximise the value of your investment in other tools.

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