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We believe in challenging convention and are redefining software for oil and gas.

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Our purpose

We challenged ourselves to rethink software for oil and gas from the ground up, and created the EnergySys Cloud Platform. The first 100% cloud-native platform for production allocation and reporting.

To make it as simple, efficient and easy to use as possible. From the integration of new assets, to the validation of data, to the reporting of results. We also recognised that regular software upgrades are an essential part of application ownership, that must be delivered with almost zero service interruption, no additional costs, and no impact on the configured applications and data. Finally, we rejected the standard pricing models used in the industry and looked to deliver predictable total cost of ownership without the need to worry about obsolescence or expensive upgrade costs eating away at your bottom line. 

We have decades of experience in hydrocarbon accounting, which means we offer superb customer support at no additional cost, which is responsive and personal, and consistently receives praise from our clients.

"The EnergySys team have been there whenever we’ve needed any help. Their direct and immediate support model truly sets them apart.” - BP Lower 48

Our Net Zero Pledge

The environmental impact of IT is significant, and we have summarised some of the issues in our recent white paper. Cloud computing has the potential to do a great deal for the environment and the impact energy companies have.

Moving to the cloud affords companies the opportunity to significantly reduce the overall impact of their IT operations. It can also contribute to a substantial decrease in energy consumption. The EnergySys Platform is a strategic choice for energy companies wishing to realise this opportunity.

Cloud paper cutout against blue skies

An example of this type of application is the monitoring of GHG by one of our clients using EnergySys. In our paper, co-authored by Fabio Terzini, Lead Engineer at Elite Energy Consultants, and Dr. Esther Hayes, co-founder and COO of EnergySys Limited, we discuss the benefits of having a Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy application aligned with the Production Allocation system in a centralised and structured database.

We present an implementation of a GHG application in EnergySys, a cloud-based low-code platform, for GHG emission and energy reporting in compliance with The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (Cth) (NGER Act).


As we are already a cloud-native, remote-working organisation, the natural next step for us was to join the UK’s Business Climate Leaders campaign. As part of this initiative, we are working towards halving our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050. As a home-working organisation, we have no direct emissions, but we do heat and cool our home workspaces, travel to conferences and business meetings, and use cloud services to run our business.

Hosting on AWS allows us to benefit from our cloud provider’s initiatives to achieve net zero. However, we have a responsibility to run the rest of our service, and our business, in a manner that, to the maximum extent possible, eliminates carbon emissions.


To track our progress, we have configured an application for internal use on the EnergySys Cloud Platform. Last year we reduced our emissions by over 300%, so we were well ahead of our target. However, 2022 was an unusual year. Business travel – our largest source of emissions – was significantly reduced by the Covid pandemic. In future years it is likely to rise again, and we have policies in place to control and manage this to continue to meet our goals.

While striving for longer-term climate goals, we offset our emissions to operate as a carbon neutral business. We work with trusted partners to source projects we believe in, focussing on projects that uplift local communities. Our current choices include tree-planting in Scotland and VCS sustainability projects in Cambodia and the Congo, managed by Carbon Footprint.

Our leadership team

We recognise that people buy from people. You want to know that the key individuals in any company are people you can trust. People with experience and a track record of delivery. People who are as immersed in your industry as you are, and who can understand what you need. While our delivery is in the cloud, that doesn’t mean we want to keep you at arms length, and every one of our team is available to respond to whatever queries you have.

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Image of Dr. Peter Black; our managing director
Dr Peter Black, Managing Director
Image of our COO, Dr. Esther Hayes
Dr Esther Hayes, Operations Director
Image of Peter Westwood
Peter Westwood, Technical Director

20 years of innovation

We have decades of experience in delivering production accounting systems, which means we really understand your needs.

We recognise that you'll have genuine questions and don't want to be approached by a sales team, which is why we don't have one.

Instead, speak to someone who actually uses the platform and can answer your questions in extensive detail. Find out more about how the revolutionary EnergySys Cloud Platform could work for you.


Our customers are our lifeblood, our extended family, and are as committed to EnergySys as we are.

With their invaluable feedback, identifying their unique set of challenges and goals, we are able to evolve the EnergySys Cloud platform and apps to solve their business problems, not just sell them something that sounds good on paper.

Here’s a selection of our clients and their stories.


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