Our Commitment

We aim to be the leading provider of cloud apps for every single oil and gas company. As part of that, we believe that every aspect of software provision for oil and gas can be improved. And improved again.

We deliver software solutions that are configurable, easy to use, exciting and evolving. We deliver exceptional service that recognises the individual needs of our customers and their businesses.

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10 South St Andrew Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AZ

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+44 8456 250 500

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Meet the Team

We recognise that people buy from people. You want to know that the key individuals in any company are people you can trust. People with experience and a track record of delivery. People who are as immersed in your industry as you are, and who can understand what you need. While our delivery is in the cloud, that doesn’t mean we want to keep you at arms length, and every one of our team is available to respond to whatever queries you have.


Dr Peter Black

Managing Director

Peter has been involved with software development in various forms since 1978, and is passionate about technology and liquorice, but not necessarily in that order


Dr Esther Hayes

Operations and Finance Director

Esther qualified in mechanical engineering at Imperial College, and spent a few years playing with the design of large gas turbines.


Peter Westwood

Technical Director

Peter decided to focus on an IT career, after initially working in machine automation and control.

What we Believe



We are never satisfied with good enough



We honour our staff and our customers


Lifelong Learning

We strive to continuously improve



We are on an unrelenting quest for a better way



We adhere to our principles

Testimonials and Clients

Our customers are our lifeblood, our extended family, and are as committed to EnergySys as we are.

With their invaluable feedback, identifying their unique set of challenges and goals, we are able to evolve the EnergySys platform and apps to solve their business problems, not just sell them something that sounds good on paper.

Here’s a selection of our clients and their stories…

  • Ithaca: Mature Asset Acquisition

    Ithaca: Mature Asset Acquisition

  • BTC Pipeline: Complex Reporting Made Easy

    BTC Pipeline: Complex Reporting Made Easy

  • Apache: 24/7 Operations and Availability

    Apache: 24/7 Operations and Availability

  • Atlantic LNG: Robust, Secure, Simple

    Atlantic LNG: Robust, Secure, Simple

  • TAQA Bratani: EnergySys Integration with OFM

    TAQA Bratani: EnergySys Integration with OFM

  • Midenergy Operating: Simplifying Allocation

    Midenergy Operating: Simplifying Allocation

“I couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to implement EnergySys. The cloud platform and flexible interface is exactly what we needed to keep up with our dynamic operating teams. The EnergySys team performed remarkably during a tight integration timeline. And since then, they’ve been there whenever we’ve needed any help. Their direct and immediate support model truly sets them apart."
BP Lower 48, USA
"I like the automatic data uploads (from PI) and processes (monthly reports). Both of these aspects save time and reduce error. Since implementing EnergySys, I have found that there is more organisation, an auditable process and a move away from spreadsheets which improves accuracy."
Ithaca Energy, UK
"We've been working with EnergySys for 15 years now…and I think that's the important thing, to have that personal touch'  
Apache logotype
"TAQA needed their production allocation solution to work in conjunction with OFM for in depth reporting. The EnergySys platform easily integrates with third party software.”
TAQA Bratani, UK
"What we've just done and how quickly we've done it, would not have been possible with any other tool"
TAQA Bratani, UK
"I like the idea of building something web-based that I or any of my employees can operate. It's not like a big heavy software system that sits on a server and requires a lot of attention or maintenance" Norbert Csaszar, President
Midenergy Operating, Texas USA


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