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We believe in challenging convention and are redefining the energy software market.

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Our purpose

The majority of oil and gas software solutions are expensive, difficult to use, and slow to implement. They are holding business back, creating problems rather than solving them. We decided there had to be a better way, and that’s why we created EnergySys as a platform to deliver revolution.

We challenged ourselves to rethink oil and gas software from the ground up. To make it as simple, efficient and easy to use as possible. From the integration of new assets, to the validation of data, to the reporting of results. We also recognised that regular software upgrades are an essential part of application ownership, that must be delivered with almost zero service interruption, no additional costs, and no impact on the configured applications and data. 

Finally, we rejected the standard pricing models used in the industry and looked to deliver predictable total cost of ownership without the need to worry about obsolescence or expensive upgrade costs eating away at your bottom line. 

We took all this and created the EnergySys Cloud Platform. The first 100% cloud-native platform for production allocation and reporting.

We have decades of experience in production accounting, meaning we are acutely aware of your needs and have built the EnergySys Cloud Platform with this in mind. This expertise means we offer superb customer support at no additional cost, which is responsive and personal, and consistently receives praise from our clients.

Our leadership team

We recognise that people buy from people. You want to know that the key individuals in any company are people you can trust. People with experience and a track record of delivery. People who are as immersed in your industry as you are, and who can understand what you need. While our delivery is in the cloud, that doesn’t mean we want to keep you at arms length, and every one of our team is available to respond to whatever queries you have.

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Dr Peter Black, Managing Director
Dr Esther Hayes, Operations Director
Peter Westwood, Technical Director


Our customers are our lifeblood, our extended family, and are as committed to EnergySys as we are.

With their invaluable feedback, identifying their unique set of challenges and goals, we are able to evolve the EnergySys platform and apps to solve their business problems, not just sell them something that sounds good on paper.

Here’s a selection of our clients and their stories.


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