A Different Approach

Hydrocarbon accounting and production reporting. Reimagined.

We challenged ourselves to rethink oil and gas software from the ground up. To make it as simple, efficient and easy to use as possible. To reduce the complexity of procuring, integrating and maintaining the system. And to provide the user with complete control over the configuration of applications and assets. As part of that goal, we also wanted to eliminate the need for customers to have programmers, database administrators and infrastructure teams.

We started with hydrocarbon accounting and production reporting, and rethought every part of the business process, from the integration of new assets, to the validation of data, to the reporting of results. Most importantly, we concluded that regular software upgrades are an essential part of application ownership, delivered with almost zero service interruption, no additional costs, and no impact on the configured applications and data.

Finally, we rejected the standard pricing models used in the industry and looked to deliver predictable total cost of ownership without the need to worry about obsolescence or expensive upgrade costs eating away at your bottom line.

The EnergySys Cloud.

EnergySys is the first 100% cloud-native platform for production data management and hydrocarbon accounting. It is secure, evergreen, and built for multi-tenancy. There’s no need for any installation beyond a browser and you can access it from any device at any time from anywhere. It’s completely configurable by end users who can incorporate any oil and gas asset, so you have the freedom to deliver the functionality your agile business needs.

“What we’ve just done, and how quickly we’ve done it, wouldn’t have been possible with any other tool”

We manage the entire service; software provision, hardware maintenance, platform security, and data storage and backup, so you can get on with the things that only you can do. We’ve also developed a pricing model that makes things clear and simple. One simple, straightforward annual subscription for the EnergySys Cloud Platform gives you everything you need.

What Our Customers Say.

BP Lower 48, USA

“I couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to implement EnergySys. The cloud platform and flexible interface is exactly what we needed to keep up with our dynamic operating teams.

The EnergySys team performed remarkably during a tight integration timeline. And since then, they’ve been there whenever we’ve needed any help. Their direct and immediate support model truly sets them apart.”

Ithaca Energy, UK

Ithaca Energy

“I like the automatic data uploads (from PI) and processes (monthly reports). Both of these aspects save time and reduce error. Since implementing EnergySys, I have found that there is more organisation, an auditable process and a move away from spreadsheets which improves accuracy.”


Apache Logo

“We’ve been working with EnergySys for 15 years now…and I think that’s the important thing, to have that personal touch”

TAQA Bratani, UK

“TAQA needed their production allocation solution to work in conjunction with OFM for in depth reporting. The EnergySys platform easily integrates with third party software.”

Midenergy Operating, Texas USA

“I like the idea of building something web-based that I or any of my employees can operate. It’s not like a big heavy software system that sits on a server and requires a lot of attention or maintenance”


Midenergy Operating