10,000 wells. 6 months. 2 people.

Revolutionary cloud-native software for production accounting and reporting.

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Oil and gas software. Reimagined.

Imagine you could replace three instances of a legacy production accounting system, redeploy the team of technical specialists supporting it, do it in a tenth of the time that it took for the original implementation, and spend little more than the cost of an upgrade for the old systems. That's exactly what one of our customers did, with the support of a team of two EnergySys specialists over six months, for almost ten thousand onshore wells. It's hard to imagine, isn't it? What's even better is that they now have the ability to make any changes they want, faster than ever before, and to do it themselves if they want to. That's revolutionary.


Why is EnergySys better? 

Add assets quickly and easily

EnergySys is completely configurable, so you can build, extend and manage your instance without specialist skills. Whether you need monthly, daily or hourly allocation, have onshore, offshore or LNG assets, EnergySys can be configured thandle them all. This makes it more flexible and scalable than any other solution available on the market.

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Fast track your life with automation

Automate routine work, like file and data upload, business processes, and reporting, so your team of experts are free to focus on the jobs that deliver business value. One of our customers uses EnergySys to  build chains of business processes that run automatically, notifying users via email when jobs are complete or when there’s data missing. This not only expedites routine work but, because the core logic is held in spreadsheets in the server, you don’t need to wait for specialists to make any changes you need.


energysys hydro carbon accounting

Effective and efficient. Those are the two words you want your clients and partners to think of when they think of your business. With these features, EnergySys will be able to help.

What's essential for efficiency?

Connect everything you need

We recognise that straightforward integration and data access, based on open standards, is essential for agile companies. We avoided the lock-in that’s common with legacy on-premises platforms and  developed mechanisms that make data upload and retrieval both fast and secure. EnergySys provides these open APIs, meaning you have access to the same capabilities that the development team do, creating a completely open standard that allows for easier integration.

You're in control

Because it's configured, not programmed, EnergySys provides you with complete control over the configuration of applications and assets. You don't need specialist skills to make changes, and most of our users manage the system themselves with only five days training.

Whether you choose to configure the system yourself, or get support from one of our partners, you can rest assured your data is in safe hands.


Your subscription to EnergySys entitles you to free upgrades. You'll never pay for an upgrade project again.

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Production accounting

Open reporting

Configure anything

EnergySys offers a variety of template applications for production accounting and reporting, pipeline reporting, forecasting, budgeting and tracking production, transport and sales.

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Our use of open data standards mean your reporting is more flexible, offers more effective data sharing, and more choice. Analytics isn't a costly add-on, it's open data combined with your preferred tool.

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We recognise you face your own set of challenges, and sometimes a template application is not enough. That's why we've made the platform easy to extend, to fit your requirements.

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Industry approved

Our users include super-majors, small independents and everything in between, with assets of all types. Whether it’s offshoreonshore, LNG, pipelines and refineries; daily, monthly or hourly allocation, EnergySys is proven to work for oil and gas companies of all shapes and sizes. 

Because it's configurable not programmableEnergySys can be made to fit your needs, no matter the complexity, and easily modified as your operation evolves. 

TAQA  said: “What we’ve just done, and how quickly we’ve done it, wouldn’t have been possible with any other tool”. 


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It's easy to get started

With satisfied customers over 5 continents and implementation up to 75% faster than traditional systems, EnergySys is the growing future of oil and gas software.

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