Energy software. Reimagined.

From metering to allocation to invoicing. EnergySys gives you the power to change everything.

What does EnergySys do?
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"In addition to being the first 100% cloud-native software platform for oil and gas, EnergySys is a leading no-code development platform. The increased adoption of no-code development platforms for Oil and Gas, is also very critical to its reinvention."

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Oil and gas software. Reimagined.

The EnergySys Cloud Platform is a low code platform for building enterprise-grade technical business applications. It requires little or no software development experience to use and is intended for business users who want to create their own applications, as well as professional developers who want to deliver apps in tight timeframes.

By design, you can build applications quickly and easily using tools with which you are familiar. The applications can be quite complex, such as is the case in Hydrocarbon Management, and can be configured to do whatever you require.

EnergySys is transforming the lives of technical and engineering business users by redefining the energy software market, disrupting the status quo and generating real business value.

This is software as we believe it should be. Simple, effective, and continually evolving.

We can help you with:

Extraction & processing

Pipeline transportation

Cargo despatching

Everything you need to make better informed decisions for production and processing operations, including asset calculations, planning and forecasting, performance analysis and reporting.   

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Efficient and flexible tracking of your product from entry to exit. Easily manage commercial processes around capacity booking and nomination, product quality difference, allocation and training. 

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Accurately track, report and forecast product inventory, transport, availability, and journey times for a clear picture that ensures safe management of storage and minimises the cost of vessel wait times.

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Partner operated assets

Market regulation

Build your own

Quickly and easily process partner production data using automation, no matter the format. Equity owner? No problem. Undertake asset-specific calculations, like deferments and forecasting, for offline modelling. 

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Manage national resources more easily with effective and efficient data collection. EnergySys supports straightforward submission of Operator Returns and provides powerful performance analysis, consolidation and forecasting.

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 We recognise you face your own set of challenges, and sometimes a template application is not enough. That's why we made the EnergySys Cloud Platform simple to extend and modify, to fit your requirements.

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Lower cost. More value.

Your subscription to EnergySys entitles you to lots of things, including unlimited support and regular upgrades.

The annual subscription model has been shown to amount to as little as 5% TCO of a traditional software solution. That's a number you'll want to hear more about.

Industry approved

Our users include super-majors, small independents and everything in between, with assets of all types. Whether it’s offshoreonshore, LNG, pipelines and refineries; daily, monthly or hourly allocation, EnergySys is proven to work for oil and gas companies of all shapes and sizes. 

Because it's configurable not programmableEnergySys can be made to fit your needs, no matter the complexity, and easily modified as your operation evolves. 

TAQA  said: “What we’ve just done, and how quickly we’ve done it, wouldn’t have been possible with any other tool”. 

Customer success stories

"We required a system with high levels of flexibility, automation, stability, and security. EnergySys was the only solution that delivered everything we need, with the ability to turn it around and meet our incredibly tight deadline.” - Chrysaor

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With satisfied customers over 5 continents and implementation up to 75% faster than traditional systems, EnergySys is the growing future of oil and gas software.

We understand that you'll have questions, so instead of responding to you with a sales pitch, you'll be connected with someone who understands our product inside out. No sales team, just good customer service.

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