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EnergySys is an Advanced Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) who provides our infrastructure, operated to the highest security standards as demonstrated by AWS’ implementation of, and alignment with, ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018.

The pace of development of public cloud infrastructure and a significant increase in cloud adoption meant that, nearly a decade after its creation, the core components of the EnergySys Cloud Platform were migrated to Amazon Web Services. The AWS infrastructure gave EnergySys the scale necessary to handle the growth of its own organisation and that of its customers.

We are committed to providing a highly secure, available and robust platform for our users and our engagement with AWS allows us to deliver a complete cloud service and cloud management portfolio that gives enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud. 

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EnergySys awarded coveted competency status

How BP Transformed Their Upstream Operations with Cloud

EnergySys Cloud Platform now available on AWS Marketplace

In 2021, EnergySys Ltd was awarded Energy Competency status by AWS. Not only does this recognise our company as experts within our industry, it highlights our proven success in leveraging AWS cloud technology to transform complex systems and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future.

AWS Energy Competency Partners

In May 2022, EnergySys and our client, bp, presented at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Energy Symposium. Our presentation lies in Track 1: Transform your Core Operations, where we discuss bp's experience with the EnergySys Cloud Platform.

Energy Symposium Presentations

Making the EnergySys Cloud Platform available in AWS Marketplace further cements EnergySys’ relationship with AWS, while giving energy companies easier access to revolutionary software that delivers the flexibility they need to configure applications that meet their exact requirements.  

EnergySys' AWS Marketplace Listing

AWS and EnergySys Success Story


“After a long period of evaluation, we selected EnergySys as the right tool for Santos. We were finding it increasingly difficult to make changes quickly and easily with our old system, and we were faced with prohibitive upgrade costs. We were able to deliver a modern solution built on the EnergySys Cloud for a comparable cost to an upgrade of our old system.”

Santos was finding it increasingly difficult to make changes quickly and easily with their old system and were faced with prohibitive upgrade costs. The EnergySys Cloud Platform is easily configured without the need for specialist skills or support from vendors. This makes changing or extending your application very easy.

These configurations are stored as metadata which allows for EnergySys to roll out regular upgrades (included in the subscription package at no further cost) to all users at the same time with zero impact on configuration. 

The EnergySys Cloud Platform is purely SaaS with no option for on-premise or hybrid models. We are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and every one of our users, including Santos, use of a range of AWS services like CloudWatch, S3 and CloudFront to ensure maximum value. AWS lets us manage all their infrastructure and IT needs, give them unparalleled flexibility and scalability, while providing superior integration capabilities with preferred third-party tools, made possible via the AWS events. 

The combined efforts of the EnergySys Cloud Platform and experience of platinum partner, Elite Energy Consultants, made for the quick deployment across Santos’ diverse operated assets. They now have a flexible, evergreen solution for production management and are no longer suffering expensive upgrade projects. They are simply able to log on and use their system unaffected following an upgrade rolled out by EnergySys.  

Since completion of the project, Santos have further utilised the EnergySys Cloud Platform to configure applications for Greenhouse Gas Management and Reporting, Commercial Operations and recent acquisitions in Western Australia. The Santos, Elite and EnergySys team were able to deliver a modern solution built on the EnergySys Cloud for a comparable cost to an upgrade of their old system. 

Other customer success stories

US Onshore Gas Operation with Large Well Count

This deployment delivered production accounting for approximately 10,000 onshore gas and liquid wells over six operating areas in North America.

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EnergySys and AWS: Transforming Energy with SaaS

We have a fantastic relationship with AWS, relying on their infrastructure to power the EnergySys Cloud Platform. Together we have a strong history of delivering exceptional customer success in the energy industry, including processing data for over 56% of the North Sea Hydrocarbons and 70% of Australian production.

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Migration of North Sea Assets from Legacy System

Following a huge acquisition of North Sea assets, Harbour quickly realised that the incumbent production data management system was not fit for purpose and embarked on a rapid replacement project.

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AWS Webinar: Managing Measurement Data

Traditional solutions tend to be inflexible, expensive and uncompromising. We know cloud technology is revolutionising other parts of the energy industry, but what can it do for measurement data?

In this 25-minute webinar, Dr Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys, and Dmitriy Tishechkin, Principal Partner Technical Lead with AWS, explore the topic of reinventing the management of measurement data. Exploring how cloud technology has revolutionised measurement management systems, showcasing solutions that work - even with extremely large data volumes.

AWS Webinar: Security in the Cloud

While understanding and visibility around the benefits of a cloud solution has increased, can the same be said for cloud security?

In this 20 minute webinar, Dr Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys, and Dhruv Vashisth, Senior Solutions Architect with AWS, will delve into the topic of security on the cloud. Both have extensive experience with cloud, security and the energy industry. Together, using their own experiences and expertise, they will address some of the key questions we get asked regularly, highlighting the stringent security protocols you can - and should - expect from your cloud solution.