EnergySys and AWS: Transforming Energy with SaaS

“In addition to being the first 100% cloud-native software platform for oil and gas, EnergySys is a leading no-code development platform. The increased adoption of no-code development platforms for Oil and Gas, is also very critical to its reinvention.” BP 


Founded in 2000, EnergySys has offered its solution as SaaS since 2009 and migrated its solution to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2016. “Migrating to AWS has been transformational in what we’ve been able to achieve for our customers,” says Dr Peter Black, Managing Director and CEO of EnergySys. “We can focus on developing competitive software while relying on AWS to deliver enterprise scalability, security, and resilience. We can deliver innovation to our customers at an accelerated pace and a fraction of the cost.”

A look at EnergySys as an AWS Partner

AWS Partner EnergySys uses AWS to provide a secure, cost-effective, flexible solution for customers in the energy industry. The software then empowers them with the benefits of a cloud-native solution. EnergySys has provided software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to oil and gas customers since 2009.

The EnergySys Cloud Platform replaces expensive and inflexible legacy systems with a low-code service. Customers can use it to create applications that exactly meet their business needs. Using AWS, EnergySys provides a scalable and reliable service to energy customers. Users can now respond with agility to new business opportunities.

EnergySys uses several AWS services in an event-based architecture. This includes AWS Lambda, a serverless, event-driven compute service. It lets users run code for virtually any type of application or backend service without provisioning or managing servers.

This serverless compute capacity is coupled with AWS Fargate. This is a serverless, pay-as-you-go compute engine that lets users focus on building applications without managing servers.

“As a SaaS solution, the EnergySys Cloud Platform removes the need for clients to manage or provision infrastructure and lets them focus on getting their jobs done,” says Dr Peter Black, Managing Director and CEO of EnergySys. “There are many benefits to a SaaS solution on AWS, not least the end of the expensive upgrade cycle of on-premises solutions.”

Facilitating Flexible Asset Management for Oil and Gas companies

In the oil and gas industry, companies must track and report an enormous amount of important data about their assets, including production and transportation. Energy companies typically rely on expensive custom software to manage this data. These solutions are often difficult to manage, extend, or upgrade.

AWS Partner EnergySys provides a SaaS solution that gives energy companies complete control of their applications and data. One customer was able to avoid an expensive upgrade. They also eliminated maintenance costs, incorporated new assets, and configured new applications to meet its needs.

Building SaaS on AWS

EnergySys provides the EnergySys Cloud Platform, a low-code software solution. This is intended for technical business users in the energy industry to configure applications without the need for specialist programming or coding skills.

The applications that users create can be complex. This is the case with hydrocarbon accounting, production and emissions reporting, and measurement data management.

The EnergySys Cloud Platform is used to manage data associated with assets such as liquefied natural gas plants, oil and gas fields, wells, and pipeline networks. Data that customers need to track and report to stakeholders and regulatory authorities.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Flexibility for Customers

The EnergySys Cloud Platform is designed so that business users with little or no software development experience or programming skills can create enterprise applications to solve business challenges. Users can build complex applications quickly and simply using familiar tools and configure them to do whatever they require. They can utilise role-based access and there’s no need for any installation beyond a browser. Users can access the platform from any device at any time from anywhere.

“The solution is innovative in the way it can evolve with the customer’s changing business requirements,” says Black. “Our customers are able to add and extend applications for new assets or even entirely new business ventures.”

The EnergySys Cloud Platform is unlike legacy solutions. These often keep data locked away and inaccessible to users. EnergySys gives customers full control of their data and the ways they use it.

To increase customers’ visibility of their data, the solution uses Amazon CloudWatch. This is a monitoring and observability service, to generate logs and help diagnose potential issues.

The EnergySys Cloud Platform also provides secure, open standard mechanisms for systems integration and data exchange. This means customers can create integrated data management workflows. Security of this data is fundamental to the EnergySys solution.

“We are managing really important data on behalf of the customer, and I would have a lot more sleepless nights if we were not building on AWS security services,” says Black.

EnergySys in action

In 2018, one Australian customer deployed the EnergySys Cloud Platform across its onshore production assets. The company completely replaced its legacy solution in 10 months.

This included the transfer of over 50 years of historic data. The customer can now manage all its assets in house without needing specialist skills or external support. It has even extended its use of the solution to create new applications for greenhouse gas emission tracking and marine vetting.

EnergySys’s customers can lower their total cost of ownership by up to 95%. A single annual subscription fee includes support and regular delivery of updates on the cloud.

“With a SaaS model, customers don’t have to manage a lot of infrastructure that has no value to the business,” says Black. “They don’t need to worry about upgrades or operating systems or infrastructure management. At the same time, they’re getting a higher level of availability than ever before. All that is part of our SaaS solution on AWS.”

Where is EnergySys going?

Using the EnergySys Cloud Platform, customers accessed the benefits of cloud technology. They have gone beyond the limitations of their legacy systems to create new applications. Users can manage their business with flexibility, and reduce total cost of ownership by up to 95%.

The company is now increasing its use of anomaly detection using Amazon QuickSight. This is a serverless, scalable business intelligence service powered by machine learning.

As EnergySys onboards more clients, it continues to focus on the scalability and security of its software. This involves using serverless solutions from AWS to extend the platform’s capabilities.

“We have a fantastic relationship with AWS, relying on their cloud infrastructure to power the EnergySys Cloud Platform,’ said Dr Peter Black, Managing Director and CEO of EnergySys. “Together we have a strong history of delivering exceptional customer success in the energy industry. We currently hold data for over 56% of the North Sea Hydrocarbons and almost 70% of Australian production. Our solutions provide users with unrivalled flexibility and value to achieve their business goals.”

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