EnergySys Achieves AWS Energy Competency Status

EnergySys Limited is delighted to announce that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Energy Competency status. This designation recognises that EnergySys has demonstrated deep expertise helping customers leverage AWS cloud technology to transform complex systems and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future. 

The AWS Energy Competency provides energy customers with the confidence to select skilled partners for their digital transformations. 

Achieving the AWS Energy Competency differentiates EnergySys as an AWS Partner with deep expertise and technical proficiency within this unique industry, including proven customer success developing solutions across the value chain, from production operations and optimisation to commodities trading, new energy solutions, and more. 

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise. 

Energy companies collect and analyse a huge amount of data, for a wide variety of assets such as pipelines, processing plants, and offshore platforms. Because their assets and their data management challenges are so different, their software solutions often need to be customised in order to adequately meet their business requirements. But customisation is expensive and risky and relies on the specialist skills of the vendor. The result is usually a brittle, inflexible data management infrastructure that is a burden to the organisation and restricts their options for growth.

The EnergySys Cloud Platform is a revolution in the marketplace. It is designed from the ground up to run on AWS Cloud, and to provide a standard solution for every asset type and every application. The platform allows customers and partners to deliver technical business solutions as configuration, not code, on a general, standard, low-code platform. It has disrupted the world of hydrocarbon accounting and is increasingly being applied to a broad spectrum of other technical data management problems in the energy sector. The Platform provides a simple, fast, cost-effective way to create secure, enterprise-grade cloud applications that exactly meet the business needs. Business users can configure entire solutions, and change them in the future, without any vendor or third-party assistance. Custom solutions without software customisation. 

TAQA, an EnergySys user, said “What we’ve just done, and how quickly we’ve done it, wouldn’t have been possible with any other tool.” 

“We are delighted to have achieved the AWS Energy Competency designation,” said Dr. Peter Black, Managing Director & CEO, EnergySys Limited. “As a company, our goal is to make energy software better. To make it as simple, efficient and easy to use as possible, so our users can achieve their goals. Working with AWS means we can deliver incredible results and opportunities, both for our users and our business. The AWS Energy Competency award is testament to our incredible team and support from AWS. We look forward to building on this in the future.”