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We have decades of experiences delivering cloud-native software for hydrocarbon management.

From small independents to super majors; LNG, pipelines and refineries to offshore and onshore, we've helped them all. Our extensive experience in cloud computing coupled with our trusted partners and range of customers, we're acutely aware of your unique requirements.

Our revolutionary cloud-native platform is flexible, configurable and intuitive. No other oil and gas software offers the same transparency and control.

This video is a very brief look at the basic navigation of the EnergySys Cloud Platform.

Our user interface is designed to be straightforward and effective, meaning consistent access to a platform that delivers exactly what you need.

For best results, we recommend you watch this video in full screen at HD 1080p. You can adjust your resolution settings by clicking on the cog icon at the bottom right of the video. Full screen is activated clicking on the square icon at the bottom right.

Our extensive experience in Hydrocarbon Management means that we're acutely aware of your unique requirements, so you're in the best hands.

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Revolutionary cloud-native software

As the first truly cloud-native platform for Hydrocarbon Accounting, the EnergySys Cloud Platform helps maximise the potential of oil and gas businesses, allowing them to respond quickly and effectively in a constantly-changing industry. Because it’s configurable, not programmable, the EnergySys Cloud Platform gives users the power to add applications and make changes without the need for time-consuming programming or expensive IT projects. It can be implemented up to 75% faster than traditional systems, with seamless data load, automatic updates and no software installation required.

The result? A flexible, powerful and elegant tool that puts users in complete control, helping companies make the right decisions based on accurate data. Users can import diverse data, access from anywhere in the world, and visualise their data with sophisticated ad-hoc reporting.