New Zealand Offshore and Onshore Assets

Todd Energy required a cost-effective system that could manage the data from their three onshore natural gas operations effectively. EnergySys stood out as the most flexible, economic option.

"Todd Energy required a cost-effective system that could manage the data from their three onshore natural gas operations effectively. EnergySys stood out as the most flexible, economic option, and their cloud platform aligned with Todd Energy’s innovative values. We look forward to working together on the project."

Todd Energy, an innovative operator, has diverse interests and a strong reputation nationally, operating onshore natural gas fields and offshore joint ventures.

They are a single production facility with 20 wells over 9 well sites, and are responsible for a large proportion of New Zealand’s hydrocarbon energy production.

Todd Energy is one of New Zealand’s largest Oil and Gas Producers and is a subsidiary of the Todd Corporation. The company operates two principal assets The Kapuni Asset (Upstream and Midstream Facilities) and the Mackee and Mangahewa asset. The company had no production management or allocations systems in place. 

Elite was engaged to advise Todd on the best system to transition the Kapuni Asset from STOS (Shell Todd Oil Services) into Operations and build a consistent set of working practices across both operating assets in the Todd Energy portfolio. 


The first challenge was transition timelines.   

The transition of asset ownership from STOS to Todd Energy required a system that could be deployed at pace. Through the support of Elite, EnergySys was the only tool that could guarantee an implementation timeline of less than six months for the Kapuni Asset. 

The second challenge was to replace the existing spreadsheet and access database systems.

Elite's recommendation to implement ePMF (Production Management Framework) was accepted by Todd and implemented for the two assets in under a year. 

Several spreadsheet systems and access databases for their current asset M&M existed.  The objective for the implementation of EnergySys and Elites applications on the EnergySys cloud was to:

  1. Harmonise the way of working across both assets 
  2. Implement a future proof way of working for: 
    • Production planning and forecasting 
    • Nominations 
    • Production Allocation 
    • Deferment and loss accounting 


The delivery methodology was loosely based on Agile and focused on the delivery of “Starter Applications” for ePMF on EnergySys that supported incremental improvement and calibration of business process as the organisation learned to use the system, data and information it provided.


Todd’s aim was to counter an expected 30% decline in reservoir performance. The goal was optimisation without drilling. But in fact, it has added >40% production over previous expectation. 

With support from EnergySys, Elite and the ePMF, Todd have reduced risk to their business, improved safety and maximised production with timely opportunities that add value.

The EnergySys Cloud Platform is purely SaaS with no option for on-premise or hybrid models. We are hosted on AWS and every one of our users, including Todd Energy, benefit from our use of a range of AWS services like CloudWatch, S3 and CloudFormation. AWS helps us manage all our users infrastructure and IT needs, reducing costs and increasing productivity. Together we provide unparalleled value and flexibility to our users. 

Contact information:

Stephen Finnie-Locke, Managing Director, Elite Energy Consultants


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