Effective production optimisation webinar series

Successful production optimisation is crucial for competitive oil and gas companies.

Effective measuring, analysing, modelling, prioritising and implementing actions can enhance the productivity of a field. It’s a fundamental part of your field development and deliverability strategy. Ensuring recovery whilst maximising returns.

Where do you find the right technology and strategy to meet your individual needs?

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We teamed up with partner, Elite Energy Consultants, to deliver three webinars featuring three industry experts.

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Session one delves into the 'Importance of Data' with Burney Waring (ex-Shell). Learn how decision-making can’t be effective without the proper data and use his key takeaways to improve your own data management. 

Next, Juliet Oliver, Production Optimisation Manager for Todd Energy, guides us through Todd's implementation of a Production Management Framework that helped unlock their potential and reverse a 30% predicted asset decline. Her candid account of their project is packed with insights you can use for your own business.

Finally, Stephen Miller (Elite Energy Consultants) walks us through the significance of having a digital roadmap and how strategy is integral to achieving your business goals.