Production Management Masterclass

Three experts. Three sessions. Everything you need to know about effective production management.


Practical production optimisation

A journey to production excellence

Digital. Not only for supermajors

Beginning with the Practical Production Optimisation and the Importance of Data, Burney Waring dives into how decision-making can’t be effective without the proper data. Accuracy and quality are crucial to data within the oil and gas industry and, whilst we can afford for some mistakes, we’d rather avoid them, right?

Next, Juliet Oliver guides us through Todd Energy’s journey to Production Excellence, which began with the implementation of a Production Management Framework (ePMF). She walks us through the project and explains how they were able to unlock their potential.

In the last video, Stephen Miller, Elite Director and ex-ConocoPhillips Operations Director, outlines the perfect digital roadmap. Exploring cost-efficiency, agility and flexibility, Stephen will help you find your digital fit.

Analyse. Interpret. Optimise.

Finding the right tools and strategy to enhance the productivity of a field and take your production to the next level can be a process of trial and error. Resulting in a time consuming project with escalating costs and minimal return.

How do you know what works for you? What data should you measure to optimise operations? What data should you be analysing and modelling against? Are there actions you should be taking from the data you've interpreted?

Cut through the noise and find your fit with this series of videos. Hosted by our partner, Elite Energy Consultants, and featuring industry experts exploring key topics, the sessions combine to give you everything you need to know about production optimisation. From the importance of data right through to finding the perfect digital roadmap.

What else you can do to optimise production?

It's not just finding a solution that works for your data but one that works for your budget too.

Too often, solutions are prohibitively expensive and, quite frankly, don't do what you need them to. Download our paper and learn how a focus on delivering value can not only help with production optimisation, but lead to a reduction in cost.