Modern Management of Measurement Data

The successful management of measurement data can be extremely challenging for many energy companies. Traditional solutions can be expensive, inflexible and create more work. Find out how we've leveraged cloud to create a revolutionary new Measurement Service designed for high frequency, high volume data that uses machine-learning for cutting-edge anomaly detection.


Webinar: Security in the Cloud

Over the past five years we’ve seen cloud technology emerge as a leader as companies demand more flexibility, efficiency and value. While understanding and visibility around the benefits of a cloud solution has increased, can the same be said for security?

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Effective production optimisation webinar series

Gold standard production optimisation made easy with this recorded webinar series. Packed with tips, advice and candid project overviews covering everything from data management and digital roadmaps, to reversing asset decline. Sign up to access these recordings and learn more about managing effective production optimisation.