Modern Management of Measurement Data

The successful management of measurement data can be extremely challenging for many energy companies.

Do you feel like you are compromising the way you handle large volumes of measurement data? You shouldn’t have to regularly archive your data or even store it in a separate area. 

Perhaps you’re tired of having to set up rules for individual meters in an attempt to identify issues. These rules provide range and bound checks, and comparisons with  average trends and so on. While this seems like a plausible approach, it is time-consuming, error-prone, and ultimately unmaintainable for any but the simplest of assets. Customers report frequent false positives that are then silenced for periods, while actual meter problems go unrecognised.  

Traditional solutions tend to be inflexible, expensive and uncompromising. Many have primitive mechanisms for data validation, require laborious routes for issue identification and are limited in their ability to successfully handle large data volumes. In short, they cause problems rather than fix them.  

It’s time for a modern approach to managing your measurement data. 

Cloud technology is revolutionising the way energy companies manage their measurement data.

From machine learning anomaly detection to real-time data ingestion and processing, find out how solutions, like the EnergySys Measurement Service, are redefining the way measurement data is managed.   

This short snippet from our joint webinar with AWS on the modern management of measurement data shows a snapshot of our Measurement Service. A solution designed for high frequency, high volume data that utilises machine-learning for the most effective anomaly detection.

Watch the full 25 minute webinar and explore exciting services from AWS, like Sitewise and DynamoDB, as we walk you through the six pillars of successful Measurement Management Systems and showcase successful solutions for the management of measurement data that actually work. Even with extremely large data volumes.  

Our partner in measurement

Learn a bit more about our partner, KELTON.

They’ve been helping international and national operators ensure full compliance with industry regulations for over 20 years.

The partnership is set to be the first of many initiatives and has helped us on our journey to provide well-rounded software to the energy industry.

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The platform


Open Reporting

EnergySys is the most powerful low code platform for agile energy companies. It is configurable, easy to use, exciting and evolving, making it quick and easy for engineering business users to create applications that do exactly what they need.

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Many of our users configure their own applications, but for those that want to get started on the platform as quickly as possible, our partners have built some powerful template applications that are hosted on our cloud platform.

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Our use of open data standards mean your reporting is more flexible, offers more effective data sharing, and more choice. Analytics isn't a costly add-on, it's open data combined with your preferred tool.

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