Webinar: Security in the Cloud

Over the past five years we’ve seen cloud technology emerge as a leader as companies demand more flexibility, efficiency and value. While understanding and visibility around the benefits of a cloud solution has increased, can the same be said for security?

In an industry where data is key and closely guarded, many still find the topic of cloud security shrouded in mystery, too technical or unclear. A risk.

Are you ready to make a move to the cloud, but concerned about security? Maybe you’d like to understand the difference between physical servers and cloud platforms? Is your data REALLY safe in the cloud?  

Get the answers to your questions in our 20 minute ‘Security in the Cloud’ on-demand webinar, co-hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

"Thank you so much. It was a great experience to learn more about the cloud and the security it provides for our workloads."

In this snippet from our webinar with AWS, Dhruv Vashisth (Senior Solutions Architect, AWS) describes how AWS' five pillars elevate security in the cloud.  

Watch the full webinar and learn how security has changed over the last ten years, the stringent standards and partnerships you need to make sure your vendor is compliant with, and the questions you should to be asking to understand the level of security your vendor is providing.  

Cloud Software is Better Software

We believe cloud technology is an IT extinction level event.

Traditional systems will not be able to keep up with the opportunities afforded to those who adopt cloud.

As the industry is becoming more fast-paced by the day, it's vital for businesses to update their systems to remain competitive.

In this paper, Dr Peter Black discusses the software challenges facing oil and gas and how cloud can help, highlighting the questions that a company must ask concerning adoption, security, resilience, and data management.