Implementation for Australian operated assets

This project included the delivery of all assets and the implementation of over 50 years of historic data, and took less than 10 months

“After a long period of evaluation, we selected EnergySys as the right tool for Santos. We were finding it increasingly difficult to make changes quickly and easily with our old system, and we were faced with prohibitive upgrade costs. We were able to deliver a modern solution built on the EnergySys Cloud for a comparable cost to an upgrade of our old  system.”

The EnergySys Cloud Platform hosted on AWS delivers hydrocarbon accounting and production reporting for Santos’ operated assets aGLNG in Queensland and the Cooper Basin; two of Santos’ five core assets. 

Santos is a major upstream producer in Queensland’s onshore Surat and Bowen Basins, with gas from Santos’ Roma field supplying homes in the region for over 50 years. The Cooper Basin asset is also integral to the processing and transportation of natural gas and ethane around the east coast of Australia. 

Santos’ non-operated assets in Darwin and Western Australia are also processed by EnergySys. The delivery of all assets, and the complete replacement of an existing legacy solution including the lifetime of the well data dating back to the 1960s, were finalised in under 10 months.  

The combined efforts of the EnergySys Cloud Platform and experience of platinum partner, Elite Energy Consultants, made for the quick deployment across Santos’ diverse operated assets. 

Since completion of the project, Santos have further utilised the EnergySys Cloud Platform to configure applications for Greenhouse Gas Management and Reporting, Commercial Operations and recent acquisitions in Western Australia. 



The EnergySys Cloud Platform is purely SaaS with no option for on-premise or hybrid models. We are hosted on AWS and every one of our users, including Santos, benefit from our use of a range of AWS services like CloudWatch, S3 and CloudFormation. AWS helps us manage all our users infrastructure and IT needs, reducing costs and increasing productivity. Together we provide unparalleled value and flexibility to our users. 

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