Revolutionizing Hydrocarbon Production Management at 3R Petroleum

The implementation of EnergySys for 3R brought about digital transformation, providing agile tools and enhancing reliability in hydrocarbon measurement management and facilitated the handling of production data.

"I would certainly recommend it. The digital transformation we underwent with the advent of the system implementation brought positive results where there were previously difficulties and lack of traceability. EnergySys was modelled as field-specific operational processes are executed." 

Primary Use Case:

3R wanted a flexible solution to perform the entry and validation of operational data for consumption in measurement management processes. The solution would enable the allocation and accounting of the production of hydrocarbons across nine of 3R Petroleum’s assets, including Peroá, Recôncavo, Fazenda, Potiguar, Macau, Papa-Terra, Areia Branca, Pescada and Rio Ventura. It was also vital that the software reported the production of these assets to customers, regulatory bodies and other interested parties. 

Key Deliverables: 

  1. User requirements definition observing the scope of measurement and operation activities considering each field/installation in a way that allows their mapping and structuring in the EnergySys system. 
  2. Systematization and documentation of operational practices carried out in producing fields in order to guarantee the traceability of information used in the measurement, consolidation and accounting processes of hydrocarbons in order to facilitate the inclusion of these operations in the EnergySys system. 
  3. Present the functionalities of the EnergySys system in a friendly way for use by employees who work in the operation of production fields. 
  4. Making EnergySys the official corporate system for managing hydrocarbon production, integrating it with other systems and processes that can exist in the structure of each field/installation. 
  5. Use of advanced recovery techniques (to increase the recovery of oil remaining in the reservoir) and their deployment in the functionalities of the EnergySys system. 
  6. Compliance with applicable regulations using the EnergySys system in the preparation, validation and sending of production information and government reports according to mandatory deadlines. 

Company Background: 

3R is a publicly traded Brazilian company specializing in oil and gas production and asset recovery. Founded in 2014, it focuses on redeveloping mature fields both onshore and offshore, aiming to become a major player in the oil industry in Brazil and Latin America.  

Upon acquiring its first production asset, 3R faced several challenges: 

  • Lack of formal management system to operate, measure and account for production volumes.
  • Lack of corporate governance.
  • Lack of specialized computerized systems to manage field operation routines and activities (only spreadsheets in Excel format were used to manage production information).
  • Lack of traceability of information related to the production operation of these assets.
  • Scarce specialised human resources.
  • Outdated or non-existent information resources (including historical data).
  • Industrial and technological park with at least 30 – 40 years of use.
  • Old equipment that did not have up-to-date maintenance/spare parts.


The combination of these challenges drove 3R to assess their software needs and seek out a flexible production management solution they could easily manage, change and extend in-house. EnergySys ticked all the boxes. 3R opted to utilise Elite Energy Consultants to complete the implementation.

Project Objectives: 

The recent acquisition of assets from Petrobras by 3R presented an opportunity to streamline their production management procedures. Elite Energy Consultants implemented EnergySys as the Hydrocarbon Accounting and Production Data Management system to achieve the following objectives: 

  1. Standardize business processes across all assets.
  2. Implement simplifications in process philosophy and calculation logic.
  3. Maintain compliance with regulatory, commercial, and reporting requirements.

Before EnergySys: 

3R relied on Excel spreadsheets for operational activities, which became inadequate as production volumes and complexities increased. The lack of a robust system led to difficulties in managing data and ensuring traceability. 

After EnergySys: 

The implementation of EnergySys brought about digital transformation, providing agile tools tailored to the company's production scenario. It enhanced reliability in hydrocarbon measurement management and facilitated the handling of production data. 

EnergySys Partner Support: 

Elite Energy Consultants provided excellent support, leveraging their knowledge and expertise to understand the Brazilian regulatory context and the challenges of production in mature fields. They supported 3R's strategic goals of redevelopment and expansion, contributing to the company's growth. 

User Experience: 

"The biggest challenge we encountered with the implementation of EnergySys was the structuring of our operational measurement processes and the way to account for our production due to our regulatory context and mature scenario of producing fields." 

In conclusion, EnergySys has revolutionised hydrocarbon production management at 3R Petroleum, facilitating standardisation, compliance, and enhanced operational efficiency in both onshore and offshore fields. 



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