Operational excellence made easy

Accurate and consistent production data management. Created by our partner, Elite, and available on the EnergySys Cloud Platform.

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Industry-leading production management

Using a combination of their experience in oil and gas operations and IT, our partner, Elite International Consultancy, has configured their own template application available only on the EnergySys Cloud Platform.

Marrying proven business processes with the capabilities of the EnergySys Cloud Platform, Elite's Production Management Framework (ePMF) is a leading and comprehensive solution for all your production data management needs. It's designed to ensure that actual volumes delivered are accurately forecast, measured and reported. It leverages analysis and elimination of losses to maximise production efficiency, and enables identification of opportunities to enhance production performance.

This framework is a world first and industry-leading capability in the production management arena. It's a key step towards a complete integrated Operations Excellence solution.

Who are Elite?

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Defining potential

The capacity of the components of the production system to deliver and transmit hydrocarbons and associated fluids to the custody transfer point. (Choke Model)


The forward view of the asset’s capability to deliver hydrocarbon products.

Monitor production

The ability to track performance and identify opportunities for increased delivery of hydrocarbons.


The capability to allocate products back to reservoirs, wells and commercial entities.

Loss capture and management

The capture of loss events and mitigation of potential future events.

Locked in potential

Record and manage the opportunities and risks for increased product delivery.
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Production accounting

Open reporting

Configure anything

EnergySys offers a variety of template applications for production accounting and reporting, pipeline reporting, forecasting, budgeting and tracking production, transport and sales.

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Our use of open data standards mean your reporting is more flexible, offers more effective data sharing, and more choice. Analytics isn't a costly add-on, it's open data combined with your preferred tool.

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We recognise you face your own set of challenges, and sometimes a template application is not enough. That's why we've made the platform easy to extend, to fit your requirements.

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Talk to our team about your requirements

We have decades of experience delivering production allocation and reporting systems, which means we really understand your needs. Speak to one of our team and find out more about how the revolutionary EnergySys Cloud Platform could work for you.