Hydrocarbon Accounting for Australian Coal Seam Gas Producer

This project was completed in 11 months for 2 assets and was won in a competitive tender between 3 software solutions and awarded to Elite Energy Consultants and EnergySys.

This client is an integrated coal seam gas company with operations in the Bowan and Surat Basins in Queensland, Australia. It explores, develops, and produces CSG and generates Electricity. 

The project was a competitive tender between three software solutions and was awarded to Elite Energy Consultants as implementation partner and as The Value-Added Reseller of The EnergySys Platform. 

Current operations of the client are legacy field(s) with remote field operations and complex field data capture. There currently is no system of record for field data validation, allocation and corporate reporting.   

By the end of 2022 expansion in the asset is expected to be completed which has demanded for a fit for the future business process and technical solution that is easy to maintain and expand without the need for external service providers.   

EnergySys was chosen as the best in class due to: 

  • The nature of low-code configuration and the low intensity support feature of the platform, 
  • The transparency and auditability of the data and calculations, 
  • No future CAPEX requirements for upgrades due to the evergreen feature of the platform and upgrades are included in the subscription, 
  • Most operators in QLD are moving to EnergySys. In a complex operating environment such as QLD where there is multiple non-operated participants, it makes data interchange much easier via a single platform. 
  • The engineering led implementation approach driven by Elite Energy Consultants. 



The first challenge was Automatic Field Data Validation.

The client’s HCA on EnergySys is configured by providing a library of upstream CSG data validation rules applied to field, facilities, or commercial datasets.   

These rules are developed by Elite Energy Consultants and focus the organisation on data validation by exception and variable tolerance levels.  As it learns to manage these rules, the organisation can handle and manage more wells per engineer due to the confidence gained by using the validations implemented. 

The second challenge was Rapid Allocation & Greenhouse Gas Reporting Implementation.

The objective of the client was to award contract in January 2022 complete a design process, configure and deploy the solution in less than 10 months. Due to the low code nature of the EnergySys Cloud Platform and the template applications provided by Elite Energy Consultants, EnergySys was the only option that could support the rapid deployment challenges posed by the client. 


The implementation method agreed with Elite Energy Consultants was based on Agile working practices and Petroleum Engineering Led design practices. 


Once implemented, the client will have a best-in-class software solution that: 

  • Provides a single version of the truth for all production related data, 
  • Supports the organisation manage field data validation by exception, 
  • Provides an allocation system that assures the local CSG requirements and enables Green House Gas & Partner Reporting, 
  • Automates mundane and repetitive activities and thus creates space for engineering resources to focus on value-added outcomes.


EnergySys will become the heartbeat of all things production for the coal seam gas producer and due to the flexibility of the platform can be extended to support other production/engineering management business processes such as:

  • Production forecasting, 
  • Operational Event Planning,  
  • Opportunity Management. 


Contact information:

Stephen Finnie-Locke, Managing Director, Elite Energy Consultants

Email: stephen.finnie@ei-cs.com

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