You deserve better: the future of hydrocarbon accounting

Tradition serves us well up to a point. The turning point signifies where businesses progress by taking a leap, or where they remain behind by sticking with traditional processes.

You deserve the best system available. Discover how that's possible.

Image of both onshore and offshore assets in production

Digital transformation in the oil and gas industry

You can look at Digital Transformation from various angles. The angle we value the most is the role of cloud.

Find out how cloud computing can deliver real value.

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“Best Oil and Gas Software Solutions Firm 2017” – what now?

Successes don't equal slowing down. For us at EnergySys, it means looking for the next milestone.

Continual improvement is the only way to stay ahead of the curve, right?

an image of the cloud which is key to digital transformation through the EnergySys platform

IT in the oil and gas sector

What's the point of having a state-of-the-art IT solution if you're not sure how to use it to the best of capabilities?

Dr. Peter Black discusses why we need to 'free the porcupine' as it were...

Image of fist holding a spanner indicating configurability capabilities provided by the platform

Incremental improvement

Chasing goals that deliver little value, yet take up time and resources, isn't a pursuit worth following.

Explore why incremental improvement is what we should be focusing our minds on.

Image of the globe to show worldwide usage and cloud capabilities

EnergySys is moving to Amazon Web Services

With the development and progress of cloud services expanding at pace, we decided to move our platform to infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services.

From support to growth, find more about our decision to make the move.

Digital solutions for oil and gas

Breaking the mould is often difficult in an industry that functions through tradition.

In order to revolutionise, however, we had to step outside of the normal framework and build our own.

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EnergySys: Our service for oil and gas

What we wanted was for something better. Better than what was out there already, and something that users could rely on to continue to get better with time.

That's where EnergySys started.

Demonstrating simplicity through automation

Think of all of the manual tasks in your daily processes. Wouldn't it be better if there was a way to speed those up?

With automation, that's possible.