You deserve better: the future of hydrocarbon accounting

Moving from the traditional hydrocarbon accounting system

Tailoring your Hydrocarbon Accounting system (HCA) to meet your specific needs is just as important as customising other parts of your business. This approach can make HCA more efficient and improve its accuracy, leading to better results.

However, with a traditional hydrocarbon accounting system like Energy Components, these customisations present users with problems right from the start. Implementation requires a team of developers and technology experts.

Every time the software needs an upgrade or a change is necessary, it requires experts or external support. hen outsourcing the software upgrade task to Accenture becomes necessary, it may indicate a significant challenge in the upgrade process. When you customise a product too much, you might lose the benefits it originally had. This can happen because there is no clear separation between the original software and your changes.

How to fix it

This is not simply a problem with production reporting and hydrocarbon accounting. It is a pattern repeated across the oil and gas sector. We urgently need to create modern platforms that can efficiently handle large-scale operations. Let’s leave behind solutions that are outdated and overly complex, and only used once.

None of these problems exist when you use subscription-based, cloud-native solutions. You don’t have to spend money on hardware or infrastructure, or on database administrators and IT teams. The annual subscription includes quick and easy installation and upgrades.

This keeps you and your colleagues around the world on the same and best version of the software.

By using open standards, you can ensure that the information you receive is accurate and helpful. This is because open standards make it easier to access data, which can help you make more informed decisions. So, consider using open standards to help you gain better access to data and make better business decisions.

Power in the hands of the business users

The business should manage hydrocarbon accounting and production reporting to the maximum extent possible. We think of hydrocarbon accounting as a service, rather than as a piece of software.

We do this using the cloud to help you free up finances and resources in a way that traditional systems cannot. Paying for hydrocarbon accounting as a service offers greater value. It enables teams to focus on what they should be doing.

EnergySys and other cloud-native applications utilise multi-tenancy and shared infrastructure to provide savings that standalone systems cannot achieve. An added benefit is that it comes with complete security of data. The development team delivers features to all customers simultaneously, ensuring a faster development process.

The EnergySys hydrocarbon accounting system

The browser delivers the EnergySys hydrocarbon accounting system. It’s possible for a business user to set up and manage their system with only a few days of training. Use of open data standards enables integration with your core software. Using tools like Excel and PowerBI, you can then quickly generate dashboards and ad-hoc reports by using them.

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