EnergySys announces latest reseller partner: Incendo

EnergySys Limited, a leading low-code energy software provider, is pleased to announce the addition of Incendo, a New Zealand owned and operated IT services business, to its expanding partner network. 

Incendo delivers a vast array of services to clients in the energy industry. Their talented team of highly experienced technical consultants specialise in managed services, making them a great resource for EnergySys clients; particularly those with hydrocarbon accounting requirements. As an EnergySys Reseller partner with decades of experience in design, architecture, and project management, Incendo can help businesses rapidly meet their goals.  

Justin Stirling, Director of EnergySys Pty Ltd and facilitator of the partnership has said ‘the Incendo team has shown exciting potential in previous projects where our paths have crossed. They are perfectly aligned with EnergySys’ vision and, being an IT professional Services company, bring a unique perspective to the EnergySys platform.’  

EnergySys is a low-code application and data management platform for the energy industry, enabling customers to create secure, scalable, and resilient cloud applications that do exactly what they need. Initially focused on hydrocarbon accounting and reporting, the platform can be easily configured to handle any data management and calculations. EnergySys users are now widely expanding their use of the platform to include production optimisation, metering, forecasting, greenhouse gas emissions tracking, invoicing and marine vetting. All on the same platform. 

As the energy industry focuses on delivering value, there is a growing desire for agile cloud native software in APAC, as evidenced by EnergySys’ growth within the region. They are now responsible for managing 70% of Australia’s production data and support one of New Zealand’s largest gas producers. Where traditional on-premises software and spreadsheets used to dominate, more and more energy companies are waking up to the benefits of moving to the cloud 

The welcome addition of Incendo to the EnergySys Partner Network brings further expertise and resourcing that will help APAC energy companies realise their goals. 


EnergySys is redefining the energy software market, beginning with Hydrocarbon Accounting (HCA), disrupting the status quo, and focusing on the generation of genuine business value. This is software as we believe it should be: simple, effective, and continually evolving.    

Introducing EnergySys:    


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