Pioneering transformational change

It’s our anniversary. Twenty years ago, EnergySys was founded with the goal of making energy software fundamentally better. We wanted transformational change across the board. Lower cost, better quality, more standardisation. Things that had been promised by many vendors for many years but had never really been delivered.  

Since then, we’ve been working with our users to deliver transformational change to the upstream oil and gas industry.  

What is transformational change? 

As the market became increasingly more volatile, we’ve seen a fundamental shift in what is important in energy software. Oil and gas companies are no longer judging success on volume. They are interested in value, and in preparing their business for a low-carbon future.   

The first step in any transformational change is to reset the mindset. Next, you need to take steps to engage and empower your teams and leverage technology to support changeA focus on business tools that allow low-or-no-code implementations allows users to drive change. They can change and automate processes in a secure and auditable manner, without needing the support of IT professionals. They can quickly and easily integrate different systems or pull data for reporting into the tool of their choice. When every single one of your team understand the vision, and can help build the roads to get you to the goal, then you have transformation.  

The role of cloud

Cloud software and SaaS applications are critical in achieving the kind of transformation that we all want. Consuming software as a service means that don’t have to stand up infrastructure or install software or plan for and manage resilience This allows you to move faster. True cloud native applications are built for self-service, which empowers your team to do more every day. Costs are controlled and predictablewith thSaaS vendor working tirelessly to ensure your service is the best it can be, allowing you to get on with delivering real business value.  

Cloud means agile, and agility is required for transformation. 

Pioneers in transformational change

EnergySys was one of the first to bring cloud technology to the upstream oil and gas sector and is considered a leading cloud-native solution for production management.  

Today, we are exclusively hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) [link] with availability globally across from regional centres in the EU, USA and Australia. This means we can offer our users incredible security and performance with a 99.95% service uptimeRegular upgrades are delivered, where possible, without service interruption.  

The drive to innovate doesn’t stop with our infrastructure. We continuously improve our low-or-no-code cloud platform to make sure it is flexible and highly configurable. This not only means users get all the benefits of consumer-type service for their upstream oil and gas business, but they are in complete control.  

It’s this innovation and technology that has been delivering transformational change to clients like BP, Santos, Chrysaor, and TAQA Bratani. 

We are trusted to store and support the management of over 50% of the North Sea production data and over 35% of North America gas through the EnergySys Cloud Platform. We have deployments across the world ranging from single asset players all the way up to Supermajors. 

It doesn’t stop there

EnergySys is a highly configurable platform, and many users have extended their scope to significantly improve their business performance. Some have used automation to drive productivity, others have configured processes for production forecasting and modelling to halt asset decline. Some have created entirely new applications for environmental and corporate reportingAs one of our customers said: “There are no limits to what you can achieve with EnergySys”.  

Constantly improving

We are incredibly proud to have achieved this milestone. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to many, many people, including our teamour customersour partners, and many of our peers who have supported, contributed, and championed us throughout the years. You have our promise that we will continue to work to be the best we can be, and to repay the trust that our clients have placed in us. Onwards to the next twenty!  


We have lots of things planned for our anniversary year, and we’re hoping to encourage the participation of as many of our community as we can. In line with our commitment to continuous improvement and life-long learning, our first initiative is a series of twenty grants of £1,000 to be paid to the science, technology or computing departments in twenty schools. The schools will be chosen by our staff and our clients as a way of saying thank you and inspiring the future generations of our industry. Read more about it here.


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