EnergySys delivers corporate reporting in the Production Allocation Cloud

Dr. Esther HayesDavid Petherick, Head of Marketing, talked to Dr. Esther Hayes, Operations Director at EnergySys, about how one of our customers is using the EnergySys Cloud platform for Corporate Production Reporting.


1. What is corporate reporting?

What we are referring to is reporting across a number of corporate assets – typically an asset will have its own production reporting system with its own allocation logic – but for corporate purposes, you need to present all the assets in a single report, with rolled-up figures, in order to see the big picture. It’s a top layer of reporting, for use by the corporate executive teams who are charged with running the business.

2. How did our customer realise they could carry out this process using our software – surely it’s for production allocation? 

In any production allocation and reporting situation, you get a lot of data, and this particular client had a number of assets in different countries, which used different reporting systems from various suppliers. They wanted a way to reliably report production data drawn from all of their assets to the corporate entity. Because the EnergySys platform is inherently designed for flexibility and customer configuration, it can receive data from other systems. So while some of their assets use the EnergySys Production Allocation Cloud to manage their production allocation, we can also take data from other production reporting software.


Why low cost is not enough

In a recent posting to LinkedIn, comments from an oil company contact were reported to the effect that high levels of investment in hydrocarbon allocation systems were unsustainable. The poster invited people to consider whether it was time to concentrate on value for money. I won’t link to the post, partly because it was on a closed group, but also because I wanted to focus on the general issue that it raises, rather than the specifics of the post.


The impact of Software as a Service on oil and gas

During a meeting with representatives from our press relations company we were discussing (again) the impact of what we’re doing in bringing production reporting and hydrocarbon allocation online and delivering it as a hosted service. The fact is, I believe that this is not just an interesting alternative approach to software acquisition, but a radical departure that will transform our industry. I realised that the most important point is that we are driving costs down and dramatically enhancing quality, simultaneously and at a rate unequalled in the history of IT systems provision.


Reducing the costs of IT in oil and gas

The ways that oil and gas companies address IT, outside core disciplines such as geology and geophysics, are marked by an unrelenting enthusiasm for cost cutting. However, it’s often the case that the methods employed, including outsourcing or offshoring, end up forcing a difficult choice between quality of service and cost. In the short term it’s easy to cut costs, but when you discover the things that don’t work because they’re outside scope or ill-defined, and the costs of putting them right, some options can be less appealing.


It’s nice when things just work… particularly when they don’t

We own a Sun StorageTek 6140 Array that’s fully populated with 4 Gbps fibre channel drives and I must say that I consider it a thing of beauty. It’s fast and has been incredibly reliable. The advances in storage technology represented by JBODs combined with ZFS as embodied in Sun Open Storage mean we’d probably evaluate other options if we were buying today, but we’ve never regretted our choice.