Digital Transformation with EnergySys

What is Digital Transformation? First and foremost, it’s about increasing productivity and efficiency through the implementation of streamlined, efficient and automated IT solutions that deliver lower costs. While the definition is clear, the challenge is not only to work out what is possible in your business, but to work out what change will deliver the maximum benefit in the shortest time. Digital Transformation means nothing without results.  

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Digital Transformation in Hydrocarbon Accounting

Efficiency is vital in the oil and gas industry, and operators are constantly on the hunt for a competitive edge as they seek to produce hydrocarbons as cost-effectively as possible. This drive for efficiency has seen the industry shift towards automation that reduces human error and cuts costs. This change is particularly evident in mature plays such as the North Sea and the US onshore, where cost constraints are such that more and more must be done with fewer and fewer staff. Continue reading “Digital Transformation in Hydrocarbon Accounting”

Demonstrating Simplicity

Automation is a tricky topic to cover. While we can provide evidence of the benefits, like the fact that our system allowed one of our clients to reduce a week’s work to two hours, there isn’t really an easy way to demonstrate how it works. Since our automation process is designed to make dramatic reductions in the time spent to carry out tasks, and reduce manual intervention, a demo might consist of nothing more than an email in an inbox notifying the user that the day’s processes had successfully completed. Not a great demo, but the goal of automation is to make everything simpler and more reliable. And the freedom that automation delivers can directly benefit your productivity.

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