Demonstrating simplicity through automation

Simple starts

Oil and gas automation is a tricky topic to cover. While we can provide evidence of the benefits, like the fact that our system allowed one of our clients to reduce a week’s work to two hours, there isn’t really an easy way to demonstrate how it works.

Since our automation process is designed to make dramatic reductions in the time spent to carry out tasks. It also reduces manual intervention, a demo might consist of nothing more than an email in an inbox notifying the user that the day’s processes had successfully completed. The freedom that oil and gas automation delivers can directly benefit your productivity.

Automation vs stress

For a start, you can stop worrying about minutiae and focus on the important things. Studies show that stress can make you forgetful and emotional, and even kill off brain cells. So, it is important to take a step back to see the bigger picture. Not only for your employers sake, but for your own sanity!

Secondly, automation gives you more time. Lots of manual tasks mean lots of multitasking. Whilst everyone multitasks to a certain extent, studies have shown that it is actually more damaging to our productivity than previously thought.

An explanation

Leo Widrich at the Buffer blog explains the effects of multitasking on our brains. He mentions that multitasking stimulates certain parts in our brains that make us feel good about ourselves, much like how our reward receptors are stimulated when we treat ourselves to a piece of chocolate.

However, Leo’s study also shows that people who multitask are much worse at filtering out irrelevant information. This means they become increasingly less productive as the day goes on. By busily focusing on an array of issues, we are not really giving any one task the attention it deserves.

In summary, automate as much as possible. Turn off the distractions and focus on one thing at a time.

Not only will you reap the rewards of enhanced productivity, but you’ll probably feel less burnt out.