Is your oil and gas software still the right choice?

The oil and gas industry has changed a lot over the past few years. Oil and gas software that was a good fit then, might be an expensive and inflexible millstone holding your business back.


The good news is that the software market has changed too.

Low-code oil and gas software offers a fast, flexible alternative. Transforming oil and gas companies like yours at a fraction of the cost of your current system. Whether you are facing an expensive upgrade project, or simply looking at ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs, low code cloud-native software is the way to go.

What exactly is a low-code platform?

What is the long-term value of low-code solutions?

How do low-code software implementations overcome three of the most common implementation hurdles?

What are the hidden costs of traditional systems and how do you evaluate what is best for your business?

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"EnergySys is a leading no-code development platform. The increased adoption of no-code development platforms for Oil and Gas, is also very critical to its reinvention."


Why switching may be savvier than upgrading

Don’t be put off by the thought of implementation hurdles

Why you shouldn’t be paying for upgrades

Is your software still fit for purpose? What was right a few years ago might be holding your business back now. Let’s look at some of the benefits of switching to a cloud solution.

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We know the benefits of cloud, but are they worth the upheaval and cost of an implementation project? Find out how cloud overcomes the major obstacles associated with implementation projects.

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The world of software has evolved. What was once reliable has been replaced with something new. Learn about the new state-of-play, why traditional upgrade projects are not sustainable and what your options are.

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The EnergySys Cloud Platform is transforming the way oil and gas companies manage their hydrocarbon management processes.

The highly flexible low-code platform can be easily configured by your team to meet the demands of any oil and gas business; from single asset players all the way up to complex multi-asset supermajors. With all the benefits of the cloud, typical implementation times are up to 75% faster and Total Cost of Ownership can be as little as 5% of the cost of a traditional system like Energy Components (based on our own anecdotal experience).   

The straightforward subscription model means everything is taken care of in one annual payment. Unlimited users with no license fees and no more upgrade projects. Regular upgrades – that's performance enhancements, not bug fixes – are rolled out with almost zero disruption. Your instance will run unaffected after the upgrade, just with enhanced features. What’s more, all users are on the same version, so you'll never be out of support. 

If you’re considering a costly upgrade of your current solution, it will almost certainly be worth considering a move instead. We'd be delighted to discuss options with you. Just reach out using the button below.

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