Unlock the benefits of SaaS vs traditional software

EnergySys is a managed, evergreen platform that lets you easily create complex applications, like hydrocarbon management and emissions management, that meet your unique requirements.

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EnergySys: the benefits of SaaS vs traditional software

The EnergySys Cloud Platform is a revolution in the marketplace. It is designed to provide a standard solution for every asset type, and every application. Beginning with hydrocarbon accounting and production reporting, the platform allows flexibility from implementations to updates.

Our esteemed partner network can provide expert support, seamless implementations and bespoke applications. The Platform provides a simple, fast, cost-effective way to create secure, enterprise-grade cloud applications that exactly meet the business needs. Custom solutions without software customisation. Business users can configure entire solutions, and change them in the future, without any vendor or third-party assistance.

There’s no need for specialist programming skills or IT resources, and no on premises kit to manage. If they need extra resources for this work, or are seeking best practices, they can turn to a growing list of experienced Partners to help. EnergySys provides the end user with enormous flexibility todo the jobs they need to do, to support the specific requirements of their assets, and to accommodate change whenever required.

Software built with users in mind

We believe energy companies are entitled to the best, most modern software out there. To that end, our resources are made to provide you with all the information you need to make the most beneficial decisions for your business. If you'd like to share this page with your team, download our PDF here.

The benefits of SaaS vs traditional software
SaaS vs Traditional Software: The Facts
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Performance improvement

Solutions like EnergySys can be as little as 5% of your Total Cost of Ownership compared with traditional software.

99.9% service availability every year. Support from a team well-versed in dealing with issues quickly and efficiently.

75% average improvement to operational efficiency. Make changes easily in-house so you always meet your obligations.

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No hidden fees

ISO 27001 certified to ensure total security of your company data. 100% disaster-proof with audit trail and disaster recovery built in.

Access data securely and use calculation logs for superior anomaly detection and correction. View your data clearly and remove the risk of loss.

One simple subscription for a fully-managed service, including upgrades. No more expensive upgrade projects.

"EnergySys is a leading no-code development platform. The increased adoption of no-code development platforms for Oil and Gas, is also very critical to its reinvention."

EnergySys Goals
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To make the amount of man-time required to configure a bespoke application as small as possible.

To create a true product that can be configured, and re-configured, without requiring specialist programming skills.

To ensure a clear separation between product and application, so that it is possible to upgrade the underlying technology quickly
and easily, without any changes to the applications.

EnergySys can be configured to handle it all

In the energy industry, where calculations and data management needs are highly complex and constantly evolving, EnergySys provides a low-code platform designed to help you handle the unique requirements of your energy business. Users can configure entire solutions and change them in the future without any vendor or third-party assistance. There’s no need for specialist programming skills or IT resources, and no on-premises kit to manage.

We use spreadsheet logic in place of a traditional coding language, like Java or C#, empowering business people to create applications with little or no software development knowledge. Build your business rules, application logic and workflows in Excel and rely on our database and calculation engine to configure your application.

Building the platform this way gives our users enormous flexibility. Because it’s so configurable, it can be used for any kind of data management purpose. If you need it, we can help you create it.

EnergySys vs traditional software