Is your software still the right choice?

The energy industry has changed a lot over the past few years. Investing in a low code software platform might be a way to move your business forward and save your budget along the way.


Most recently, we’ve seen the impact of the pandemic, with the oil price dropping to below $25 a barrel and demand for crude plummeting. These changes have forced a shift in focus to deliver value over volume and a drive for companies to develop strategies for operating in a low-cost environment, for example, investing in a low code software platform.

In this light, it’s worth asking if your current software is still the right choice for your business. What was a good fit a few years ago might have become an expensive and inflexible millstone around your neck. 


A low code software platform offer a fast, flexible alternative. Transforming oil and gas companies like yours at a fraction of the cost of your current system. Whether you are facing an expensive upgrade project, or simply looking at ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs, read our blogs below and learn: 

  • Why now might be a good time to switch software 
  • How to get customised software without the customisation 
  • The value of cloud vs traditional software 
  • The three major differences that make a cloud implementation less problematic 

Don't sign off on that upgrade just yet

Don’t be put off by the thought of implementation hurdles

Custom software without the customisation

Is your software still fit for purpose? What was right a few years ago might be holding your business back now. Let’s look at some of the benefits of switching to a cloud solution. 

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We know the benefits of cloud, but are they worth the upheaval and cost of an implementation project? Find out how cloud overcomes the major obstacles associated with implementation projects.

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It’s likely you’ll be running some form of customised solution tailored to your unique requirements. Find out how low code platforms enable bespoke delivery for your unique requirements, transforming business quickly and economically.

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"We were finding it increasingly difficult to make changes quickly and easily with our old system, and we were faced with prohibitive upgrade costs. We were able to deliver a modern solution built on the EnergySys Cloud for a comparable cost to an upgrade of our old system.

Modern software for less than the cost of a legacy system

You can dramatically reduce the barriers to change by switching to a low-code, configurable cloud platform.

True cloud software is evergreen. This means your software and its underlying infrastructure is always up to date. It’s done via regular no-disruption upgrades, deployed by the vendor, ensuring you are always on the best and latest version of the platform.

Cloud delivers predictable total cost of ownership (TCO): everything from disaster recovery and support to upgrades is included in one simple annual subscription. On top of this, cloud is incredibly scalable, and you only pay for what you use.

Low code platforms empower teams to make changes, and even create whole new applications themselves, with no coding or programming skills required. Just total flexibility to report and manage your data however you want.

The EnergySys Cloud Platform

If you’re considering a costly upgrade of your current solution, it will almost certainly be worth considering a move instead. You really can get a brand new, evergreen Hydrocarbon Management solution that meets all your needs for the same cost as upgrading your current system, implemented with minimal disruption to your team.

What are you waiting for? Find out why so many companies are switching to EnergySys now.

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Whatever the size or complexity of your assets, the low code software can be configured to handle them all. This makes for an incredibly flexible choice.

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