Digital Transformation with EnergySys

What is Digital Transformation? First and foremost, it’s about increasing productivity and efficiency through the implementation of streamlined, efficient and automated IT solutions that deliver lower costs. While the definition is clear, the challenge is not only to work out what is possible in your business, but to work out what change will deliver the maximum benefit in the shortest time. Digital Transformation means nothing without results.  

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Digital Transformation – a Major Opportunity for Oil and Gas

It seems clear that a focus on digital oilfield has delivered real value to the industry, but the impact was not as broad as it might have been. As William Gibson said: “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”. One key problem highlighted in our review of digital oilfield was a lack of a broadly understood definition of what digital oilfield actually means. Without general guidance and widely applicable process and technology, the spread of best practice will be limited by an individual company’s ability to identify and apply developments that might bring benefits to their business.

Looking forward, the energy around digital transformation is very positive, but the key question is how we maximise the impact.

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