What are the benefits of cloud technology?

Switching to a cloud platform can help you avoid software that is slow, expensive and disruptive.


The changing industry and the future of cloud technology.

"Cloud adopters can expect substantially better value per dollar spent, a higher quality of service, increased flexibility, and higher security. Most importantly, they can expect dramatic increases in productivity through mobile technology and mobile working." - Peter Black, Managing Director at EnergySys.

The cloud is often looked at with skepticism. "Is my data stored securely?" "How long can I access my data for?" "Isn't using a browser deemed unsafe?" These are questions that prevent organisations from taking the first step and introducing cloud software to their day-to-day.

If it was made widely renowned that cloud can reduce spending, improve team communication and speed up the process of large projects, many more companies would opt for cloud as their first choice.

The present and future of cloud technology

How cloud technology is assisting the journey to net zero

How cloud software has impacted the future of oil and gas

Enabling business agility through cloud computing

Many organisations across the industry have already made pledges of net zero emissions in the coming years. Cloud can help reach these goals as its software has features designed for change.

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The future of oil and gas does not lie in legacy software and traditional infrastructure. The future of the industry is instead in the hands of the technology that can properly handle it and its evolution.

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Agile businesses have always come out on top across all industries. Those that can make quick decision, rapid changes and at no loss to the overall organisation are guaranteed to succeed over those who can't.

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Agility, as previously mentioned, is something that all businesses strive for. The ability to change assets, create rules, edit reports and produce results sets companies apart in an increasingly competitive industry.

Cloud technology allows all of this to be possible. There is no need for external support or additional software, as cloud platforms hold all the data in one place accessible from a browser.

Particularly for an industry that evolves as rapidly as oil and gas does, cloud technology is the only means of keeping ahead of the curve.

What has cloud technology done for large oil and gas companies?

"The cloud platform and flexible interface is exactly what we needed to keep up with our dynamic operating teams." - BP Lower 48