The Disruptive Impact of Cloud on Oil and Gas

Oil and gas IT is in crisis. Despite a booming market, there has been a pattern of prolonged under-investment combined with a chronic lack of vision. This is unsustainable, particularly given the new realities of oil and gas economics in the twenty-first century. Without sufficient understanding and research into the way that oil and gas IT works, many organisations will fall short of their goals.

Many IT solutions have begun to struggle with increasingly large and complex assets, failing to provide secure and reliable storage for their data. With organisations producing and using more and more data by the day, the production reporting, accounting and storage solutions need to be able to keep up.

Oil and gas IT has often been left in the dark but this is all likely to change as businesses are beginning to rely on technology to manage and access their asset data. With cloud computing becoming increasingly popular, oil and gas IT is looking at a completely revolutionised future.

The era of easy oil has passed, and there is a need for significant increases in productivity to ensure the profitability of difficult or marginal fields.

Cloud services will deliver this transformation, but it will be a disruptive change that requires a fundamental shift in attitudes and approach to IT.

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