The Digital Oilfield Ten Years On: A Literature Review

Digital Oilfield was one of the most promising initiatives of the last decade and a half, offering improvements in automation and integration that would deliver real value in cost savings and increased production.

Unfortunately, with 33% of companies reporting they have no experience of digital oilfield and a further 66% stating they were not culturally prepared to adapt, it does not appear that much of this early promise has been realised across the industry, and the focus has sometimes been on technical innovation that is often disconnected from business benefit.

Indeed, while the industry is ripe for transformation, Digital Oilfield has not been associated with a clear and unequivocal set of goals that could produce real and dramatic performance improvement.

In this review, EnergySys Managing Director, Dr Peter Black, explores the role of the Digital Oilfield, whether it actually exists, and if we should be focussing elsewhere in order to improve performance and boost profits.