EnergySys Release 6: what to expect

At EnergySys, we take innovation seriously. It’s why we include free upgrades in our subscription and ensure all our users are on the same version of EnergySys. It’s no different with release 6.

In this interview, Product Manager Michele Carissimi, reveals the new and exciting changes that come with EnergySys release 6.

Hi Miki. Can you tell us more about the new EnergySys Release?

EnergySys release 6 is a major upgrade that introduces many new features for all users. We’ve worked really hard to create something that will improve the users experience and satisfy new business requirements. The most noticeable change is the new user interface that will revolutionise how people use the platform.

What is included in the new UI?

We wanted to create a user experience that allowed users to easily find the data that is important to them.

  • Screens now immediately display information without the need for searching.
  • Data is displayed in paginated tables that allow reviewing and editing of large datasets.
  • A wide range of filtering options can now be used to tailor which records are displayed on the screen.

We have also introduced the possibility to export data directly from the screens, a dynamic layout that makes better use of the available space, an automated way of monitoring process executions and a new support area where articles can be found.

Why is this so important to us?

We want our users to enjoy working on the platform and the new user interface will greatly improve user experience. Users will find that data is easier to find and that the application is more accessible.

There are also other features that we are introducing that will satisfy business needs:

  • Configurators will be able to easily create virtual objects that draw data from other objects.
  • Our rule engine has been improved to better support Excel formulae.
  • Our connectors allow integration with even more external systems
  • Our OData service has been further enhanced.
  • Finally, processes will have the option to only load data that has been modified in a certain period or to directly export calculated records to Excel spreadsheets.

All these features are part of the standard platform and are giving our users the power to do even more with EnergySys.

Is there anything that isn’t changing?

What is not changing is our dedication to customers, our excellent support service and our desire to continue to improve EnergySys!

Can you tell us the part you’re most excited about?

It’s definitely the new user interface! There are so many little things that make it more intuitive and pleasing to use.

Have you faced any hurdles and how did you overcome them?

Every release comes with its challenges and this has not been different. Creating a new user interface also means ensuring that it behaves correctly on all supported browsers. We have done extensive testing to ensure this is the case, not to mention the thousands of processes we have checked to ensure the results produced are always correct!

When can we expect it to be released?

We are aiming to release Blueprint on Sunday 22nd April. We have chosen this day to ensure minimal impact with EnergySys release 6 to our customers. We will get in touch with all our users to ensure they are aware of the expected outage.

If you’d like to know more about the Blueprint release, or EnergySys in general, get in touch using the form below and one of our team will get back to you soon.