EnergySys, now powered by AWS

We are delighted to announce the successful migration of core components of the EnergySys platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is a significant change that offers us the ability to accelerate the pace of development of our platform.

Since we created the EnergySys cloud in 2009, we have built and managed our own infrastructure in multiple data centres in the UK. This gave us control over costs and performance, and enabled us to make changes quickly and easily.

However, the pace of development of public cloud infrastructure has been remarkable, and the services from companies like Microsoft and Amazon combine security and flexibility.   Given this, and recognising the growth in our subscriber numbers, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time over last twelve months testing our platform on AWS. This infrastructure will give us the scale necessary to handle the growth we anticipate over the next few years, as more and more oil and gas companies recognise the transformative power of the cloud.

For a personal view into the migration, the reason behind it and what it means for our users, read this blog post from our Managing Director, Dr Peter Black.