EnergySys Release US App

EnergySys is pleased to announce the US version of our Production Allocation Standard app is available for all US Onshore producers.

The US Onshore oil and gas market has several unique characteristics that can often make out-of-the-box solutions harder to implement, creating costly and time consuming projects. With this in mind, we saw an opportunity to develop a new version to cater specifically for the US onshore market, allowing you to get up and running faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The US version of the EnergySys Production Allocation Standard app eliminates the requirement to reformat or manually manipulate incoming data, whether received from partner operators or from a company’s own operated leases, freeing valuable time and improving data integrity. Received data is validated, organised and managed within a secure and robust database.

This data can then be used within the product allocation modules to allocate shared production and consumption to leases and wells, using measured well contribution or values inferred from well tests, and to derive working interest share. The system provides standard reports and charts to view and analyse this data, as well as statutory returns such as the Texas Railroad Production Report.

See the full list of features here or read more about the US Onshore market here.