Our cloud service and its differences

How our cloud service is different

People often ask me how our cloud service for production data management, production reporting and production allocation is different from traditional solutions.

This is a hard question to answer. I want to describe the distinct values of my product and company without seeming to denigrate the competition.

In addition, it’s really hard to provide quantitative information. We think an EnergySys solution is hands-down the fastest, most cost-effective and most configurable choice for customers. This is largely based on anecdotal evidence.

It’s rare for two companies to have delivered systems for the same assets under the same conditions, though we do have a fair amount of experience of replacing competitor systems, so an exact comparison is difficult.

However, during the course of a discussion with a company looking to replace a competitor system I realised that part of the answer lay in the conversation we were having. This user kept talking about projects. Projects to implement new assets, to add new fields or wells and to upgrade the basic software. Everything was a project. And projects required substantial time, money and resources, even just to get a basic upgrade of the software done. In fact, for this user an upgrade cost almost as much as the original project implementation!

EnergySys isn’t like that.

Our system

With EnergySys, we built a cloud service that users could configure themselves. Our active goal was, and is, to reduce the man-time required to set up a system as close to zero as possible. That’s one of the reasons that we are a cloud solution. Our customers have no need to invest in hardware or software to get started. Even when customers ask us to configure the system for them, it takes a fraction of the time and effort required for a traditional solution.

Our updates happen regularly. They deliver new features to users with minimal interruption to service: an hour or two at most. And we guarantee that our customers will experience no problems due to an upgrade. Not only is there no need for a project to complete an upgrade, customers don’t actually have to do anything at all. All they need to do is sit back and enjoy the new features.

There are lots of other ways we think our solution offers unique benefits, but maybe reducing worry lines is the best of them!