EnergySys launch latest release: Conveyor

Our new release of the EnergySys Platform, called Conveyor, is here, providing a significant upgrade to our core calculation engine.

As with all upgrades to the EnergySys Platform, existing clients get them automatically included as part of the service, which means you can use them straight away with no hidden costs.

So…what’s new with Conveyor?

With the launch of the Conveyor release we are announcing support for Microsoft’s Open XML file formats, as used in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 file formats. In detail, we are providing:

  • Full support for Excel 2007 Open XML (.xlxs, .xlsb, .xslm) and standard binary file formats
  • Full support for several new functions supported by Excel 2007, namely SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS – much more flexible, and largely obsoleting the old style version and conditional IFERROR allowing you to test for any error in a given cell
  • We’ve built new checks on the inputs to, and outputs from, processes, catching more errors and making it easier to find issues when running or developing applications
  • Support for the use of Open XML files created in Excel 2010, although some additional features added in this later file format will not be processed by the server. However, they should still be available for use when downloading a calculation log and viewing files in Excel.
  • Open XML files with an .xlsx extension, are typically much smaller than the same files held in the old .xls format. This may make a significant improvement to the time it takes to import your files over a slow internet connection
  • VBA and macros in a workbook will not be removed by the service, and can still be run when the file is downloaded from the server.

If you’d like to know more about this release or EnergySys in general, contact and we can help you get started.