Lightning Release from EnergySys

At EnergySys we believe in constant research and improvement, its one of the reasons we do regular releases with many new features aimed at helping our users do their job. With one significant release already this year, we’re delighted to share with you our latest release – welcome Release 5!

Known internally as ‘Lightning’ thanks to its improved performance, we wanted to share with you some of the benefits you could be enjoying. The main purpose of Lightning is to improve the experience for our users. This comes in the form of two primary aspects:

  • a focus on improving performance 
  • a significant extension to the data file import facilities

You might be wondering why we decided to focus on these two aspects. Well, it all comes from our users. We encourage their feedback so we can incorporate it into our updates, after all, who is better placed to help us develop EnergySys so it keeps delivering? With their help, we identified that, in general use, certain actions took longer than others. Even though this measured in mere seconds, we knew we could improve on this delay.

We also wanted to make sure that the service was capable of maintaining the highest level of response as the user community grew. With Release 5, users will not only find many screen operations to be three or four times faster, but processes will also be significantly quicker, three times faster than before in many cases.

Data traffic has also been significantly reduced, particularly noticeable when accessing the service form more remote locations. Our XML Import is now more flexible than text based uploads. As with all our file formats, the XML may be sent in via email, uploaded via the screens or processed from supplied zip archives.

This new feature allows users to supply an XML format file and add a style sheet to the rule. The combination of these enables you to present the data into an Excel spreadsheet and process the result just like any other rule. Additional options can be specified to format, process or validate the input files.

This is a very flexible way to get data from other systems processed into the main business rules used in an application. There have been a number of instances where our users suggested that accessing arbitrary XML would be preferable to loading other file formats.

This is the first step towards our new data loading service. This will continue to evolve through the next few releases but, with the building blocks now in place, the core features are available to use immediately.

Our new release is available now and you can rest assured, as is the EnergySys way, costs will remain the same. No added extras or hidden fees. In fact, the management of the server load and improvements in performance will allow the costs or running the service to be kept as low as possible while maintaining a highly attractive price.

This really is one of the benefits of shared infrastructure – upgrades of this kind are included in the price!

For more information, why not get email us at or call 08456 250 500.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]