Dr. Peter Black Speaking in London, 4th December

Join Dr Peter Black on 4th December and discover why private cloud is doomed.

Dr. Peter Black, Managing Director at EnergySys, will be presenting a paper at the Developments with the Digital Oilfield Conference in London, on the topic “Why private cloud is a cul-de-sac of doom”, at the Hallum Conference Centre in London on 4th December.

Speaking about his presentation, Peter said “The cloud represents an inflexion point in the development of IT, and offers the opportunity for transformational change  – like that experienced at the start of the PC revolution way back in 1981. However, the real benefits are obscured by marketing terms that create confusion rather than clarity.”

“My problem with this is that business can be paralysed by this woolly information – and one of the most unfortunate examples of this is need for vendors to create concepts like “private cloud”. This term is derived purely to serve vendors’ antiquated business models, and does not indicate a solution that delivers many of the actual benefits of the cloud.”

This short talk will expose the lack of thought at the heart of this concept, and will explain why private cloud is not a valuable term.

Free to attend

Entry to the event, organised by Finding Petroleum and Digital Energy Journal, is free of charge. Peter would be delighted to see you there.