EnergySys Talk in Aberdeen, 7th June

Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys, will be presenting at ‘IT Infrastructure for the digital oilfield‘ in Aberdeen on June 7th, 2012. The conference is organised by Digital Energy Journal and is free to attend, although places are limited.

Peter will be supported by Head of Sales, Erik Eriksson, and Head of Marketing, David Petherick, who will also be available to answer questions about the EnergySys Production Allocation Cloud. They may have some rather nice business gifts for delegates who subscribe to our newsletter.

The following is a synopsis of Peter’s presentation.

Enabling Business Agility with Production Allocation in the Cloud

  • How the cloud can help you be more agile in managing production reporting and production allocation
  • How to do data integration in the cloud
  • How cloud systems can help you respond to changing business demands throughout the asset life
  • How the cloud can enable secure information exchange within the company and with partners
  • Why cloud is a business revolution not a technology revolution

Oil and gas exploration and production is a dynamic business, rapidly evolving and continuously responding to technical and commercial challenges. Asset acquisitions, transfers and divestments are common features of this changing landscape, and even the largest operators struggle to obtain a coherent view of asset performance across their estate.

Small and medium sized operators frequently have to rely on their expertise and experience to optimise production from mature assets or those with limited reserves, and need to be able to start, extend, and complete production in the most cost-effective and frictionless way possible.

This presentation will use practical examples to demonstrate that the cloud is a key enabler of agile business practices in oil and gas, focussing on production reporting and production allocation. It will illustrate the challenges and complexities associated with adoption of a mature asset, and its associated systems and processes. It will describe data gathering across assets, to obtain a corporate view and deliver standardised reporting.

It will illustrate the benefits to be obtained when developing new assets, and the ways in which cloud systems can respond effectively to the demands of the business throughout the asset life. Finally, the opportunities afforded by secure information exchange both within the enterprise and with partners will be explored, offering potentially dramatic improvements in productivity.

Through these examples, we will show that the cloud is not a technology revolution, but a business revolution, allowing oil and gas companies to create agile business models that can respond more effectively to shifting market conditions.

Places are free, but limited:

Enabling Business Agility with Production Allocation in the Cloud
IT infrastructure for the digital oilfield

Organised by Digital Energy Journal
Thursday, June 07, 2012
Aberdeen Marriott Hotel