Atlantic LNG optimises hydrocarbon allocation

Atlantic LNG has implemented a state of the art application from EnergySys Ltd to automate its hydrocarbon allocation processes for operating four LNG trains in Point Fortin more efficiently and flexibly.

Atlantic is one of the largest LNG liquefaction plants in the world, the plant comprises four LNG trains each of which have different ownership.

EnergySys Limited’s UK office recently partnered with Atlantic to lend technical expertise to the development of its APAX hydrocarbon allocation application. Edison Pargass, Atlantic’s Team Leader Hydrocarbon Allocation commented, “EnergySys’ expertise in developing similar applications was very important to us. We have worked closely with EnergySys Ltd and as part of this agreement we have even sent members of our team to their offices to participate in the design and development of the required application as well as to receive hands on training.”

The Hydrocarbon Allocation team had previously used a manual approach, which took several hours to complete and relied on data entry to move information between systems. EnergySys Ltd implemented its automated solution based on its standard EnergySys Hydrocarbon Allocation application, providing enterprise-class data management and security with secure web-based delivery. All metering data is now automatically extracted and loaded into EnergySys, where it is processed based on custom business rules and reports automatically generated.

Atlantic also valued the flexibility and accessibility of spreadsheets for encoding its business rules and for reporting, and as such was reluctant to adopt a bespoke ’hard coded’ system which could not easily be maintained by its commercial team. Using the spreadsheet engine and embedded enterprise reporting tools that are integral to EnergySys, Atlantic can review and modify the business rules that are used to produce reports – without specialist programming knowledge while still following a detailed change control process. This approach provides the benefits of a multi-tiered Enterprise Application while still allowing for flexibility in the management of business rules by Atlantic LNG. To date, the Company has successfully implemented a number of changes to these business rules with support from EnergySys in the UK. Of course, hydrocarbon allocation rule changes potentially represent multi-million dollar decisions, for which EnergySys provides a detailed read-only audit trail and built-in features that facilitate Atlantic’s rigorous change management processes.

The new system automatically creates statements that allocate hydrocarbons to each gas supply contract and sends them by email to the Finance Department to attach pricing information, saving time and improving efficiency. Both the volumetric reports, and the hydrocarbon accounting reports, were previously created manually. This procedure was both time consuming and prone to human error. The new approach also facilitated the segregation of duties between the Commercial and Finance teams which was a key requirement for Atlantic.

Atlantic will continue to work with EnergySys, calling on both the domain expertise and technical knowledge of its Aberdeen support team. Edison added, “Application support from the UK team has been excellent – despite the time difference they have been very responsive in resolving issues within, and often exceeding, our SLA [Service Level Agreement].”

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