Production allocation for Ithaca Beatrice

EnergySys Limited are pleased to announce that Ithaca Energy (UK) Limited have selected the ENERGYSYS online service for the production reporting and hydrocarbon allocation for the Beatrice field.

EnergySys is the most advanced product for hydrocarbon allocation and production reporting available today, and is designed to make it easier and faster to manage and deliver asset information. It is an On Demand service, delivered via a low-cost, per user per month, subscription. All configuration and operation of the system is done using a standard web browser, and the flexibility and power of the tool is such that entire new applications can be built without the need for software changes.

Ithaca’s application will be configured by EnergySys Principal Accredited Partner KELTON®, the Aberdeen-based specialist in flow and quality measurement to the Oil and Gas industry, and will use the standard ENERGYSYS Production Reporting module. “We are delighted that Ithaca Energy have selected EnergySys as their Production Reporting platform.” said Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys Limited. He added: “By using our online service they get secure, reliable operation without the need for investment in internal infrastructure or specialist IT skills.” Iain Pirie, Operations Manager at KELTON®, stated: “We will support Ithaca through all the phases of their project, from definition of the allocation and metering philosophy through to operation of the system. EnergySys allows us to maintain the highest quality of service while delivering solutions rapidly and cost-effectively. We combine this with our expert advice to allow clients to maximise the value of their assets.”

EnergySys 4 revolutionises the delivery of enterprise production reporting and hydrocarbon allocations systems by dramatically accelerating system delivery while radically reducing costs. Users can build their business rules in a familiar Microsoft Excel environment and deploy the resulting spreadsheet to the EnergySys rules engine, delivering the benefits of security, versioning and audit trails.