Kelton Engineering is the newest EnergySys Partner

EnergySys Limited are pleased to announce that Kelton Engineering have satisfied the necessary requirements to become a Principal Accredited Partner for implementation of the ENERGYSYS product. The two companies have also agreed a Value Added Reseller Agreement that allows Kelton to resell the product in their target markets.

One of the key benefits for clients is the opportunity to obtain configuration services for ENERGYSYS from specialists in the oil and gas industry. “We are proud to have Kelton Engineering as our first Principal Accredited Partner, having achieved this status through our certification process. As a company with the ambition to be the leaders in providing consultancy services in Flow and Quality Measurement to the Oil and Gas industry in the UK and overseas they can add real value to any ENERGYSYS delivery” said Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys Limited.

“Kelton Engineering can support clients through all the phases of their project, from definition of the allocation and metering philosophy through to operation of the system. They deliver the highest quality of service, offering professional and relevant advice to enable their clients to maximise the value of their assets”, he added.

ENERGYSYS 4 is a revolutionary new product that allows users to build their own applications through configuration, not coding. It transforms not only the way such systems are built, but also the way they are deployed and used. The system is configured entirely by the Customer or by an ENERGYSYS certified partner using a simple web interface, without the need for specialist skills. They can build their business rules in a familiar Microsoft Excel environment and deploy the resulting spreadsheet to the ENERGYSYS rules engine, delivering the benefits of security, versioning and audit trails. They can create custom objects like meters, wells and fields, and build professional reports using the integrated reporting tool.

Individual application templates are called “Personalities” and EnergySys provides a range of such templates including Production Reporting and Hydrocarbon Allocation.Kelton Engineering plans to build and market new solution Personalities based on ENERGYSYS, reflecting their expertise in flow and quality measurement.

“We are impressed by the flexibility of the platform” said Iain Pirie, Operations Manager of Kelton Engineering, “and the opportunity it provides us to deliver specialist enterprise-grade applications to our clients without needing to develop programming skills. We believe it is unique in the marketplace for the power that it provides to specialist companies like ourselves, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with ENERGYSYS.”

ENERGYSYS On Demand is available as a fully hosted online service or as an Appliance hosted in your environment. Either way, you get everything you need to get started quickly and without fuss.



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