A Revolution in Production Reporting and Hydrocarbon Allocation Systems

With the latest release of their ENERGYSYS product, EnergySys Limited are leading the On Demand revolution in the oil and gas industry.  ENERGYSYS transforms not only the way production reporting and hydrocarbon allocation systems are built, but the way they are deployed and used.

There’s no longer any need to create endless specifications of systems or procure endless hours of bespoke development. Customers can use the simple web interface to configure their own system, without the need for specialist skills. They can build their business rules in a familiar MS Excel environment and deploy the resulting spreadsheet to the ENERGYSYS rules engine, with the benefits of security, versioning and audit trails. They can create custom objects like wells and fields, and build professional reports using the integrated reporting tool.

All data is securely stored in an Oracle database, with access limited only to users with specific rights. And by ensuring a clear delineation between the user’s configuration and the underlying product, upgrades to the product are easy. So users can take full advantage of new functionality without having to redo any of their existing work.

ENERGYSYS On Demand is available as a fully hosted online service or as an appliance hosted in your environment. Either way, you get everything you need to get started quickly and without fuss. Applications can be built quickly and in stages, so users can see what works and doesn’t, and respond rapidly to changing circumstances.

You can learn more about ENERGYSYS On Demand at the launch event at 3pm on 29 May 2008 at the Linklater Rooms, University of Aberdeen.

On Demand changes not just the technology itself, but the way users will acquire that technology.



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About EnergySys Limited: EnergySys Limited is the foremost provider of Software as a Service solutions for the oil and gas industry.