Contract for Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline

EnergySys, the world-class Commercial Operations product developed by EnergySys, has successfully completed the first year of operation on the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline project, resulting in the award of the continued Support and Maintenance contract for the system. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Company Limited (BTC), a joint venture company whose major shareholder is BP, has awarded EnergySys Limited a contract for the continued support of the Commercial Operations System for one of the world’s largest oil pipelines. When fully operational the pipeline will transport over 1m barrels of oil per day over a distance of some 1,776 kilometres. The contract, which is valued at over a quarter of a million pounds, will assure support for one of the most advanced hydrocarbon management systems in the world, and builds on a track record of successful operation of the ENERGYSYS from EnergySys.

The complexity of commercial arrangements surrounding major processing and transportation facilities for oil and gas is such that sophisticated tools are required to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all participants. EnergySys Limited, a Digital Steps company, has over ten years of experience in delivering hydrocarbon accounting and commercial operations systems, and has been at the forefront of technology throughout. Dr Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys, comments: “The BTC Pipeline Project is an extremely important development and success is critical for the partners, including BP. We will ensure that the system is available and fully operational so that the commercial team in Baku, Turkey and London can effectively manage the processes around oil shipments, allocations, tank management and ship scheduling. We’re proud to be part of the team.”

The Commercial Operations System is based on the ENERGYSYS product, the flagship software from EnergySys. This is an advanced enterprise Java and XML framework that has been successfully deployed to oil, gas and LNG facilities. Mr Martin Crane, Hydrocarbon Value Realisation Operations Manager for the Baku Pipelines, said: “ENERGYSYS is now the basis for our commercial management systems on our oil and gas pipelines, and we need first-class support. Who better to provide it than the developer of the product?”

ENERGYSYS is unique in using a server-side spreadsheet engine to encode all business rules. Martin Crane says: “The spreadsheet engine is a fantastic solution, and allows us to use a familiar paradigm for the construction of our business rules while deploying them in a secure, robust, scalable environment. In fact, our own team wrote business rules for the new gas system, which provides us with unique visibility and transparency of the commercial arrangements and their operation.” This flexibility and power is a characteristic of the ENERGYSYS framework, the data from which may be accessed securely over the Internet.



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