EnergySys is the first cloud-based apps platform specifically designed for the agile oil and gas business.

It is not just one or two applications, but a foundation for your business that you can rapidly configure, change, and extend, all without programming or expensive consultants.

Clearly, we’re biased, but we really do think that EnergySys is the best solution on the market, and we continue to invest huge amounts to make it even better.

Our Production Allocation Standard app is a complete end-to-end solution for Hydrocarbon Allocation and Reporting, and can adapt to your changing needs as time goes on. Nothing else is as scalable, or offers a clearer value proposition.

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Cut the Cost of Hydrocarbon Accounting: A Focus on Performance Improvement



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EnergySys is the first cloud-based apps platform specifically designed for the agile oil and gas business. It’s ideal for companies that want to respond effectively to the constant change of our industry, giving them the power to add applications or modify them, without programming or expensive consultants. The result is the ability to make the right decisions quickly, based on accurate data.

Rapid implementation, up to 75% faster than traditional systems, means this is available within days not months or years. Whether you’re interested in our Production Allocation Standard, or any one of a range of standard apps, EnergySys gives you the freedom to deliver the functionality your agile business needs. And because it’s delivered in the cloud, you can expect regular updates with fantastic new functionality and new apps. The price is proportional to the production under management, with no lock-in, no separate licensing fees or upfront investment. Just one simple, straightforward subscription. Based in the UK, we have a growing list of global clients including Apache, TAQA and Addax. Join us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for regular updates and industry insights.