Incendo IT Services and Consulting are a Reseller partner of EnergySys who specialise in process automation, no code workflows and low code solutions. Based in New Zealand, Incendo’s energy clients benefit from a wide range of services. With decades of experience in project management, design, architecture and a team of highly experienced technical consultants, Incendo make a great partner for companies seeking to accelerate their business.

Improved business efficiency cannot be achieved through a one-size-fits-all strategy, but Incendo's SMART approach is an effective method with their three focus areas: people, process and technology.


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As a reseller partner, Incendo offers both services and software and as a result, everything can be invoiced under one contract.

With a Reseller partner, you will receive both first- and second-line support from them as part of your contract and EnergySys will supply third line support for the platform.  

Specialises in: 

  • Process Automation 
  • Business Process Improvement 
  • Workflow Automation  
  • No Code Workflow 
  • Business Process Management